Reviews left by Loveshadow

Sat, Jun 28 11:58 AM Loveshadow review of The Key is HH by Robbero
Fab :-)
Sat, Jun 28 11:51 AM Loveshadow review of Throw Your Dueces Up by Alex
Solid !!
Mon, Jun 9 2:48 AM Loveshadow review of Foolish Game by texasradiofish
Nipple Tassles.Thought I would just put that out there.
Fri, May 30 1:22 PM Loveshadow review of The Little Things by JonathanWiskee
Wow really different interpretation.Nice, some great synth parts and I love the ...
Fri, May 30 1:12 PM Loveshadow review of Made It Up by imcerdafied
Nice beginnings and looks like your first upload too, welcome. Any chanc...
Fri, May 23 8:08 AM Loveshadow review of Wake Up Kiss by Quarkstar
Great to hear this vocal in a different setting, very theatrical.
Sun, Feb 23 12:45 PM Loveshadow review of Pay Attention (Let It Go Mix) by Alex
Now it's all getting out of hand , nice one Alex.
Sun, Feb 23 12:18 PM Loveshadow review of Let it go girl by Robbero
Hey nice idea , I had not thought ( obviously ) to sample it like an old tune, s...
Fri, Feb 21 8:58 AM Loveshadow review of One Plus One by ScOmBer
Nice writing as ever.
Fri, Feb 21 8:56 AM Loveshadow review of Fast Food Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Really well done, this kind of groove needs that kind organic touch.
Fri, Feb 21 8:55 AM Loveshadow review of Showbiz_Career_Advice_-_The_Real_Deal_ by Stefan Kartenberg
You are doing some great work here
Fri, Feb 21 8:53 AM Loveshadow review of D_170 by unreal_dm
Just love this :-)