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Reviews left by Loveshadow

Wed, Mar 23 9:52 AM Loveshadow review of Everything Will Have Its Purpose by Radioontheshelf
Well you certainly produced the hell out of this one. Great vocal recording and ...
Tue, Mar 22 10:29 AM Loveshadow review of Strong Man by Zep Hurme
One of the best mixes I have heard anywhere this year.
Sun, Jul 18 12:16 PM Loveshadow review of Into Paradise (Magic Hours secret mix) by Rewob
Just good.
Sun, Jul 18 8:59 AM Loveshadow review of With These Wings by essesq
Well it was inevitable one day I guess.😊 You have revitalised this little pi...
Sun, Jul 18 3:51 AM Loveshadow review of On the Bridge by Snowflake
Alita Rising. Feels like an ocean breeze, in its sentiment and delivery, alw...
Sun, Jul 18 3:47 AM Loveshadow review of Yesterdays Blues by Radioontheshelf
One of your best.
Sun, Apr 18 4:09 PM Loveshadow review of Where Do We Go (Simplicity Mix) by gurdonark
I know this vocal well having mixed it in 2010. It was intimidating for me ba...
Sun, Apr 18 3:52 PM Loveshadow review of Rodeohead by septahelix
Don't think anyone has ever created a banjo sound to a Hip Hop Beat. You could v...
Sun, Apr 18 3:42 PM Loveshadow review of Peace and Blessings by J.Lang
Like how you have created something very new from the samples. A few nice loop...
Sun, Apr 18 3:38 PM Loveshadow review of Madness by Admiral Bob
Seems the Yinging and Yanging is in full swinging with you two. Especially like...
Sun, Apr 18 3:36 PM Loveshadow review of Menthol by 7OOP3D
With Bobs great Delivery and your varied time signatures you seem to have built...
Sun, Apr 18 3:29 PM Loveshadow review of YIN YANG SPARKY NOSUSHI COUNTING DOWN by zikweb
Deep . I need to go on a late night drive with this.