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DeBenedictis (lisadb):

Reviews left by DeBenedictis

Sun, Jun 20 3:13 PM DeBenedictis review of Goodbye Shadow (the song) by Snowflake
Love this track. Very honest lyrics, very honest delivery.
Sun, Jun 20 9:50 AM DeBenedictis review of When You Hold The Grooves and Let Them Into the Dark Spaces by SackJo22
This is excellent. Lilting and sexy, but badass too. Also, the harmony vocal...
Wed, Jun 9 8:21 AM DeBenedictis review of Whiskey Down (The Hidden Blues) by SackJo22
I love the provocative lyrics and vocal delivery, reminds me a little of Neko Ca...
Tue, Jun 1 4:33 AM DeBenedictis review of i have never stopped to look at clouds before by urmymuse
Gorgeous. I'm absolutely in love with that guitar hook. Also love the new ch...
Tue, May 25 4:10 PM DeBenedictis review of I Need Something by copperhead
This rocks!!
Mon, May 24 7:01 AM DeBenedictis review of Apologize (GE Inside Out Remix) by George_Ellinas
Wow! I went away for too long and missed out on stuff like this...this is the k...
Sun, May 23 6:14 PM DeBenedictis review of Mint & Whiskey by maineguy know i love this. 'bout time you got here.
Sun, May 23 7:24 AM DeBenedictis review of Do It Again. by Loveshadow
made me get up and shake my badonkadonk.
Sat, May 22 6:59 AM DeBenedictis review of black and white (dogmix) by oldDog
Wow! Beautiful and poignant.
Thu, May 20 7:16 PM DeBenedictis review of Crooked Mile by Admiral Bob
Thanks for livening it up. And wow, killer guitar solo. What a stud!
Thu, May 20 6:02 PM DeBenedictis review of High Energy Biscuits by Fireproof_Babies
Yes, "I eat beans and I don't care" is an excellent line.
Thu, May 20 8:16 AM DeBenedictis review of I Need Something by Admiral Bob
This is really good! I may take a stab at a second remix!
Tue, May 18 6:57 AM DeBenedictis review of Leavin' it To the Green by Vidian
I agree with Speck. Beautiful work.
Wed, May 12 6:53 AM DeBenedictis review of Sicksteen (vocal) by CiggiBurns
ah, your lyrics are right up my alley! "female hearts are warm and bloody / mal...
Tue, May 11 7:19 AM DeBenedictis review of Easy_killer_lisadb_magmavanderMiX by magmavander
I keep coming back to listen to this remix and liking it more and more. Very, v...