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Mon, Jan 18 1:39 PM latopa review of Spiders by Doxent Zsigmond
The ambient feel DZ is bravado. A name dropping of a great musician, named Bugg...
Sat, Jan 16 12:58 PM latopa review of Where do you go (feat. Ciggiburns) by Siobhan Dakay
SD, The music (mix) is above the simple sample. You jazzed jam this mix to the ...
Sat, Jan 16 12:45 PM latopa review of Kosmonaut 2016 by Stefan Kartenberg
A producer is born, very impress SK, the EQ's deserve more punch my humble hears...
Sat, Jan 16 12:32 PM latopa review of When the Sun Hardly Comes Out by unreal_dm
As always, all the musicians in your mixes are (playing:), even the maracas, gui...
Sat, Jan 16 12:27 PM latopa review of Holiday Tech Blues by madimpactunit
How to groove, listen, compose with techno gizmo's 101. bravo
Sat, Jan 16 12:23 PM latopa review of The Test by Zep Hurme
James Taylor 2016, the blend of your mix with Mr.Panu
Thu, Jan 14 1:11 PM latopa review of The Test by Stefan Kartenberg
Majestic and respectful to panu voice (lyrics) and your talent to arrange, creat...
Thu, Jan 14 12:55 PM latopa review of Li'l Rosey by texasradiofish
the magic of this mix is that it's live with panu!!!??? Great blend tx
Thu, Jan 14 12:40 PM latopa review of The Stars Look Different (Ziggy Stardust Mix) by spinningmerkaba
The layed back drum beat..
Thu, Jan 14 12:33 PM latopa review of Maipenrai by madimpactunit
Agree with the roc, super chill and a great musical adventure you did. Wish ...
Sun, Jan 10 1:36 PM latopa review of 4 Guitarreros by Doxent Zsigmond
when we love music
Sat, Jan 9 12:56 PM latopa review of Snowflakes melt in Africa by rocavaco
Wow man,the percussion arrangement with the mix of SF voice!!??. beautiful. S...
Thu, Jan 7 1:48 PM latopa review of And she goes OMG and I go WTF and she goes tots ridic like by annabloom
Just wicked and perfect to my hears. What a homage to your avatar and the sample...
Tue, Jan 5 1:53 PM latopa review of Breath of Winter by Doxent Zsigmond
Brings me back to my ccm records, euro jazz @ it's best. My favorite: John Su...
Sun, Jan 3 7:05 PM latopa review of So Long 2015 by Dan_Mantau
the best mix speck vocal on ccm. A great homage to the Jedi Speckos Glad t...