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Reviews left by latopa

Wed, Mar 2 3:20 PM latopa review of Do You Get Homesick - for Karaoke by robomoon
A great wave, cinematic, sensitive arrangement; love and music!
Tue, Mar 1 10:17 AM latopa review of Lost In Time by Laurence Hudson
Man, deliver more... Excellent bass drone and groove.
Mon, Feb 29 1:03 PM latopa review of Earth is Burning by CSoul
Excellent mix CS :) what is missing of SF voices.? Your arrangement is in ...
Mon, Feb 29 12:40 PM latopa review of Treeline Passage by Speck
A passage to create Love your mixes Spekos
Sun, Feb 28 1:58 PM latopa review of Time after Time (Hard Blues Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
SD, you are burning with creativity with a message...no ego.
Sun, Feb 28 1:45 PM latopa review of Bilderbergin by Robbero
Massing groove, SW must be smiling. Bravo
Sun, Feb 28 1:35 PM latopa review of Call on me by reiswerk
RW, A great mix you did:) I will call on you: for the mixes you gived @ ccm. ...
Thu, Feb 25 11:39 AM latopa review of Tango Tango by reiswerk
Explore more your Bandoneon, accordion chops!!!
Wed, Feb 24 12:37 PM latopa review of Kosmonaut by Speck
A Kraftwerk touch. Speckos, you have a fn big hear
Sun, Feb 21 2:30 PM latopa review of Vibrations of any kind by Siobhan Dakay
SD, You have just expressed a vibration of pure respect of music and all the a...
Sun, Feb 21 1:37 PM latopa review of Okay? Okay. by Nickolas Nikolic
Just what needed today. A great mix of love and music
Sun, Feb 21 1:29 PM latopa review of Down To Where You Go by Speck
Down To Where we Go?
Sun, Feb 21 1:19 PM latopa review of Feelin You (DJVadim MissJudged Mix) by spinningmerkaba
Add a DJ in front of your avatar. Creative,groove,sound, arrangement. A Thom...
Fri, Feb 19 12:53 PM latopa review of Drink To The Pretty Djembe Noise by Speck
Guinness yammer. wish that you play lived with a band(of cats) as a percussioni...
Wed, Feb 17 12:13 PM latopa review of I'm Not Evil by Speck
Speckos, always a pleasure. Your style and titles of mixing is just, what yo...