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Mon, Jun 15 12:55 PM latopa review of Lost by Zep Hurme
Zep...amazing all around production!!! Groove:). That drum (bass) part is wicked...
Sun, Jun 7 1:11 PM latopa review of Naturally by Alex
top 10 in the dark zone
Sun, Jun 7 1:07 PM latopa review of The Light by Dr. Wrangle
a nice visceral music to snowflake voice.
Sun, Jun 7 12:48 PM latopa review of Could Be by texasradiofish
TD, mature adult music????. Remember our age to appreciate the ense...
Fri, May 29 5:59 PM latopa review of All Woman by Loveshadow
check your hears and(your mixes) Although i am not a fan of LS music, i am aware...
Wed, May 27 3:50 PM latopa review of The Definite Becomes Reality by Speck
the ingredients for this mix, are: fripp,eno,laswell,Byrne and a little bit of,....
Sat, May 23 2:02 PM latopa review of Jessie by Stefan Kartenberg
reminds me of Gabriel music. imagination, creation....
Sat, May 23 1:53 PM latopa review of Serenity by unreal_dm
Sat, May 23 1:42 PM latopa review of FDT 4 Funky Dynamic Techno (ft Frank Yola) by stellarartwars
bass line groove...
Fri, May 22 5:28 PM latopa review of Testing85bpm/RamonaZRemix by RamonaZ
Fri, May 22 3:49 PM latopa review of Shallow Waters by Alex
sensitive groove and orchestration, mix to SF voice
Wed, May 20 4:30 PM latopa review of And Lose Your Mind by Speck
Speckos, this one as a creative arrangement and message. You totally dig MUSICA
Wed, May 20 4:08 PM latopa review of The Daisy Bell Suite by SackJo22
Bravo to all involved and to you SJ. A work of patience and dedication, you hon...
Mon, May 18 3:34 PM latopa review of Lost by Snowflake
Over the rainbow...lost with magic.
Sat, May 16 12:25 PM latopa review of Every Beat of Her Heart by texasradiofish
Got hears and groove appreciate you taking time to make the appropriate fills on...