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Mon, Aug 10 10:44 AM latopa review of The Tattooed Taoist by radiotimes
Amazing mood and groove (of cajon)great organic sound and arrangement. egotis...
Sun, Aug 9 11:47 AM latopa review of Daisy Bell (the decision is in) by Speck
click and like spekos you make me like music
Sat, Aug 8 10:48 AM latopa review of The Stone That Used To Be My Heart (two) by Siobhan Dakay
No offense to Timberman that inspired you for this cool mix. Can you upload a in...
Sat, Aug 8 10:29 AM latopa review of You're Better Off Without Me by texasradiofish
An amazing mix off what is CCM TD, wow!!! A dance tune that you have to listen a...
Fri, Aug 7 11:49 AM latopa review of Crazy drunk 2 by Bluemillenium
example of crazy mix the groove is wicked
Fri, Aug 7 11:28 AM latopa review of Lightning Strikes Twice soft mix by Stefan Kartenberg
guit and soul
Fri, Aug 7 11:22 AM latopa review of Beautiful Mystery by copperhead
not going for the obvious... a great mix, original as usual CH
Wed, Aug 5 12:50 PM latopa review of Map by Speck
Speckos, the The Alsajo Project link i can not listen to it? the cursor keeps co...
Tue, Aug 4 12:22 PM latopa review of Better With Butter by Speck
zappa in your mind...speck what creative shit. Had to link this band to you, rem...
Tue, Aug 4 11:55 AM latopa review of Vidala (canciĆ³n andina) by guillepaulucci
Un reflecto (homenaje) muy Methynish, well done senor.
Sun, Aug 2 2:28 PM latopa review of Rabioso by guillepaulucci
when a musician meets
Mon, Jul 6 3:24 PM latopa review of Reiswerk's Weather (dubwise) by Speck
you aye going to be the oldest human on this earth.
Tue, Jun 30 4:29 PM latopa review of Blues #8 by @nop
the patience to arrange this
Thu, Jun 25 3:21 PM latopa review of Floating through time by Jeris
why i love music:) when i hear this creative s&^%.
Wed, Jun 24 1:19 PM latopa review of La fille de l'air de rien by diaphane