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Reviews left by irish4t

Mon, Mar 28 7:44 AM irish4t review of Lucky Strike at 4AM Dub by DFF_Sound_System
extream!! and also very fun mix to listen to. Thanx for remixing!!
Thu, May 6 8:09 AM irish4t review of cell by grapes
I've just found this remix.(Sorry, it's too late) but this is great remix. there...
Fri, Nov 27 8:03 AM irish4t review of ID - Cell by duck
irish music loop is nice! you got it!
Tue, Aug 25 5:16 PM irish4t review of Return of the Sun_after_Sulrty_Nightv2 by zikweb
Thanks for taking time to remix my track. This track was for the last Secret Mi...
Tue, Aug 25 4:48 AM irish4t review of Man of the Shadows (secret agent mix) by Mario Mattioli
Very beautiful remix!! Tracks, especially percussions fits well to vocal. Atmosp...
Tue, Aug 25 2:30 AM irish4t review of Sawtooth Jazz secrets by shagrugge
This remix is FUNKY!!! I felt like listening Funkadelic. Sprendid!!
Tue, May 19 3:48 PM irish4t review of Japan by Minimal_EQ
It's grateful to listen to this remix! I like the transition of sounds in this ...
Mon, Feb 16 3:51 PM irish4t review of Check the ID by MC Jack in the Box
Good Job!! the glitchy voice is also nice and the rap rides the track very smoo...
Mon, Nov 24 7:25 AM irish4t review of I Fell Out of the Sky by DoKashiteru
Great Remixes!! I was moved!!
Tue, Apr 1 6:37 AM irish4t review of Theme of Emi (Simple Mix) by tacet
great job!!!! my sample is beautifully arranged. thx
Wed, Aug 2 7:09 AM irish4t review of Emi'S theme by Citizen Nyx
Great Job!!! This song is the first work from my samples.