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Reviews left by grapes

Thu, May 24 12:39 PM grapes review of Lion night 2 by mkilory
love the sound and vibe to this keep em coming
Thu, May 24 12:33 PM grapes review of October - mellow house by teru
teru is a monster with these mixes.. this song is really cool i can get down ...
Mon, May 21 6:42 PM grapes review of Surreal in Vienna by _ghost
love it.. how did you make the beggining sound?
Sun, May 20 3:18 PM grapes review of I Think I Started a Trend (bill berry mix) by William Berry
Dude you rule.. im in love with this song and your samples keep up the good w...
Thu, May 17 7:09 PM grapes review of Just One More Night by MC Jack in the Box
incredible drumwork
Thu, May 17 6:58 PM grapes review of Kill KIll Kill (Kill dem on da floor remix) by J.Lang
haha this track is dope.. i love the bass and drums..
Thu, May 17 4:09 PM grapes review of ALL I DO by FORENSIC
i can really relate to this song.. imma try to do somthin with this just list...
Thu, May 17 2:45 PM grapes review of The last song/outro by BOCrew
Wow i really like this and most of your music.. its really inspiring :D
Wed, May 2 8:51 PM grapes review of Kill Kill Kill _The 187 Mix by J.Lang
woah very cool.. :D as they would say out here in the bay this song slaps
Wed, May 2 8:47 PM grapes review of BOUDY (Coumba Mauritania RMIX) by BOCrew
very cool :D
Wed, May 2 8:44 PM grapes review of Tom Tom by iNdjNuZ (aka InsipidBanana)
I like this alot the feel and swing is nice the only thing i would change(jus...
Mon, Apr 30 12:08 AM grapes review of "Hangin' with Vic" by Analog By Nature
i love it .. nice and relaxing :D
Fri, Apr 27 6:01 PM grapes review of XYZ Madness by fourstones
wow really cool track.. i tried to use this verse the other day and couldnt make...
Thu, Apr 26 2:27 AM grapes review of Hard Moonlight by Omni Vista
i dont usally like male vocals but this track sounds really really good... good ...
Thu, Apr 26 2:11 AM grapes review of Drohm n Bass (temple in tibet mix) by shagrugge