Perspectives Playlist at Art Gallery Oct 12

Reviews left by game_core

Sat, Jan 20 11:32 AM game_core review of Dawn sunrise by maurixxio
I hate you! It was ideal before 1:30! Remote viewer is my favorite coil album, a...
Sat, Jan 20 8:32 AM game_core review of clearly (moonlight mix) by Analog By Nature
Nothing really special.
Sat, Jan 20 8:29 AM game_core review of Get On It (Mic Check) (Ft. 4nsic) by CptCrunch
It's a good track, somekind funny, but still very good!
Sat, Jan 20 8:20 AM game_core review of Who the Hell are you!? (ghosttown Remix) by tripledoubler
Strange track it oscilates betwen 3, and 5. (3+5)/2=4, but it's more like 4.5, o...
Fri, Jan 19 1:33 PM game_core review of Shake your own Code by tripledoubler
The power lies in vocals,and arangement! Nothing to add - great tune!!
Fri, Jan 19 1:31 PM game_core review of Learning To Smile (From Zero Remix) by zimirk
I don't realy know what to think about this one. The mellody is brilliant, remin...
Fri, Jan 19 1:21 PM game_core review of Entre... by bombero
It starts very interesting! But later it is somekind unclear. The bosanova tambu...
Thu, Jan 18 4:20 PM game_core review of You ain't hardcore by Catdog from lakewood NJ
I like it! Eaven with those cheep synth sounds(sory i can't find other word, and...
Fri, Dec 29 4:16 PM game_core review of Old toys by vanillapudding
It reminds me of something.
Fri, Dec 29 4:11 PM game_core review of Corpedia Beats 1 by Ultimo
5-it says about itself!
Fri, Dec 29 4:10 PM game_core review of Carnival by UFO Dance
I cnow that this inn't another spiral dub, but to not to smart:(
Fri, Dec 29 4:08 PM game_core review of You Look Hot by Ugly By Now
i like you
Fri, Dec 29 4:05 PM game_core review of Espionage by Technetiumâ„¢
Maybe not to orginal, but look at the colors. A relal...(dont remember the word:...
Fri, Dec 29 3:59 PM game_core review of Fixing My Brain (Weird Signals Mix) by TacoConspiracy
What the fuck is taco? Maybe it is a fragment of a song:"a ja na taco jak na ot...
Fri, Dec 29 3:56 PM game_core review of 301 - Trimbla by taboca
WOW!!! Soper music for the icecream cart:P