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Fri, May 18 6:57 AM game_core review of Marionette Man by Suzi Q. Smith
It sounds nice. But does it have any sense? Maybe I am a little naive, but arent...
Sun, Apr 15 7:18 AM game_core review of EFTOS-KYP by eftos
Cool! Marilyn Manson like vox.
Wed, Apr 11 3:48 PM game_core review of Kill Kill Kill (Douill Remix) by 10DOUILL
And I tought that I would winn (not officially, but in my ganre) :(.Avesome!!
Wed, Apr 11 3:36 PM game_core review of Kill Kill Kill (Fun Fun Fun) by nuuro
WOW!! Cool track!! But laughing of death :/? Heh ok if it really is fun, then wh...
Mon, Apr 9 10:26 AM game_core review of Kill Kill Kill-Talk To Me (Drum & Bass Remix) by MatrixAndDappa
I don't know if the drums are so recorded, or they are so filtered, for me the...
Mon, Apr 9 10:22 AM game_core review of Kill Kill Kill (X-pert RMX) by X-pert
Nice hihat. Lacks some "dynamics" (don't know gow to name it). The "ahhh" is coo...
Mon, Apr 9 10:17 AM game_core review of Kill Kill Kill (Pretendo Remix) by Sawtooth
+ for making a chiptune-like track, but I think that the idea of making the voic...
Sat, Mar 17 5:44 PM game_core review of 3:1 by Luke Tripp
Near Ideal, only the "to-fancy"(around 2:00) part destroys it a little, but not ...
Sun, Feb 25 4:19 AM game_core review of Spit-A-Verse #1 (Freestyle) by G-Harp The Producer
It is awesome! Most inspiring rap track I heard here.
Sat, Jan 27 6:45 AM game_core review of mixnight conservation by maurixxio
- the /\ and it should be ok!
Sat, Jan 27 6:39 AM game_core review of Blake Tiger in my garden by maurixxio
Wow! Current93/Nurse With Wound style. Very refreshing!
Mon, Jan 22 9:44 AM game_core review of Freedom.. by bombero
I like it very much! I it ittle too long (about one, or two cycle's), and is get...
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