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Reviews left by Fujimo

Wed, Mar 16 1:16 PM Fujimo review of kickstand (used) by Lycius
please tell me that's helium. i love those guitars. the slopiness builds grea...
Fri, Feb 25 9:23 AM Fujimo review of Insubstantial Citadel by Minus Kelvin
now this one i like a lot. pc
Fri, Feb 25 6:10 AM Fujimo review of Fight Scene Between Two Movie Stars by Popular Culture Metamorphosis
more please
Fri, Feb 25 6:07 AM Fujimo review of Under? (Outtake) by Popular Culture Metamorphosis
Thu, Feb 24 6:56 AM Fujimo review of Receding Sand by Weird Polymer
this is very proficient. I keep finding myself listening to these over and over....
Fri, Feb 18 6:10 PM Fujimo review of Candy Drops on your Tounge by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
it's tracks like these that make fall in love with synth pads all over again. ...
Tue, Feb 15 4:46 PM Fujimo review of Wired And Twisted by Justin Kayes
the sounds you've created are really good and the different sections you've made...
Tue, Feb 15 2:16 PM Fujimo review of Arrebite No meaning no (Maelcum Mix) by Arrebite
damn, this one's really good. bom trabalho
Tue, Feb 15 10:58 AM Fujimo review of Two Tons of Pieces by Bricolage
i like this one. the progression and form are good.
Tue, Feb 15 7:08 AM Fujimo review of Drill A Mellow J by fourstones
sweet job. You've definitely turned teru's ditty into a complete work. I take it...
Mon, Feb 14 2:07 PM Fujimo review of Open Air by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
damn, that's got soul.
Mon, Feb 14 1:23 PM Fujimo review of "NonoNO" - 00afro SpeirChuka Mix by 00afro
no need to be redundant so I'll say something different. That piano you got is j...