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Reviews left by Fujimo

Tue, May 10 10:23 AM Fujimo review of Last American Haiku by Ghiroma
Tue, May 10 8:06 AM Fujimo review of wipple by Julian Hruza
Ah this is definitely a creeper. Definitely on my list.
Tue, May 10 7:34 AM Fujimo review of DogBoyLightsUp by Flatwound
your little brother is missing out.
Tue, May 10 7:05 AM Fujimo review of Slither Me Timbres (I HATE U BITCH edition) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
This is quite funny. The sounds are sweet. I like your wild side. critici...
Wed, Apr 20 3:36 PM Fujimo review of Wall Drill by Aamu
Mon, Apr 11 1:03 PM Fujimo review of Nature's Revenge by Stab
this is very nice. impressive yet i'd like to throw some criticism at you. th...
Mon, Apr 11 12:38 PM Fujimo review of Faye's Fancy by Weird Polymer
i really like the sounds you got here
Mon, Apr 11 5:40 AM Fujimo review of Coyote and Two Deer by Weird Polymer
whatever, the sounds can always be better but you still put on some of the best ...
Sat, Apr 9 5:31 AM Fujimo review of Just Like Me by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
good work. different than most of your stuff. i'm pretty glad i put up the whole...
Tue, Mar 22 2:07 PM Fujimo review of Repetition is Key,Warm Up by Popular Culture Metamorphosis
there is no head
Thu, Mar 17 1:42 PM Fujimo review of Fase Rem by Stab
this is good. reminds me of early dntel.
Thu, Mar 17 1:39 PM Fujimo review of Folata Gelida by Stab
i like this track , everything you do here is great. the repeating melodic line ...
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