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Reviews left by duckett

Fri, Feb 10 5:52 AM duckett review of Soothing Words by Speck
Can't quite explain why, but reminds me in spots of Joni Mitchell's "The Jungle ...
Mon, Nov 7 3:21 AM duckett review of Shimmering Image by Speck
Speck. Shimoda. I need say nothing more!
Mon, Nov 7 3:18 AM duckett review of House of Ghosts by gurdonark
A gurdonark piece always has a lot of thought behind it- well done.
Mon, Nov 7 3:14 AM duckett review of Quarkstar inspiraciĆ³n by Zep Hurme
Nice changes under the main riff.
Mon, Nov 7 3:09 AM duckett review of So Long Since I Held You (Mix Constellations) by Bluemillenium
Really nice marriage of the vox with volk1!
Mon, Nov 7 3:04 AM duckett review of Counted in Percentages by Kara Square
Intimate, lovely.
Mon, Nov 7 3:02 AM duckett review of Slow Notes by Aussens@iter
Mon, Nov 7 2:56 AM duckett review of aquila by urmymuse
Deserving of the overused term "Epic"! Huge guitars.
Mon, Nov 7 2:52 AM duckett review of Supergirl (Fly in My Dreams Mix) by vo1k1
Very Boards of Canada treatment of the vox. Like snowflake said, captures the sp...
Mon, Nov 7 2:49 AM duckett review of 4 Real by Hans Atom
It's 1987 and I'm browsing the records in Newbury Comics again! A listener would...
Mon, Nov 7 2:45 AM duckett review of Tethered ...a meditation on shore whilst overlooking the sea by essesq
Maybe one poet remixing another is what makes this work so well? Nice restraint!
Mon, Nov 7 2:42 AM duckett review of Paper Planes - Durden ft. Airtone by DURDEN
Amazing job especially on the build, nicely done.
Mon, Nov 7 2:39 AM duckett review of Vertigo by shimoda
Lovely stretching of the ol' synapses.. for some reason it's reminding me of
Mon, Nov 7 2:23 AM duckett review of Song of Shabbat by SackJo22
Reminds me of my remix "Secrets"- khidir's track was so inspiring, that trying a...
Mon, Nov 7 2:16 AM duckett review of Full Star Resurrection by PorchCat
At first I was like "Lyrics? PorchCat's going to sing?" Alas, not to be- but qui...