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Reviews left by djolliej

Wed, Mar 30 10:06 AM djolliej review of Steady Dream by Clarence Simpson
This is very, very good.
Wed, Mar 30 10:03 AM djolliej review of Old Hidden Sport by Adisa McKenzie
This brings me back to high school days, bumping Del the Funkeehomosapien in a l...
Wed, Mar 30 9:40 AM djolliej review of Say by onlymeith
I feel like I'm back living in Baltimore. Soulful R&B. A great listen.
Wed, Mar 30 9:33 AM djolliej review of Arkatype by shimoda
Listening to this is really creepy. See, I have a 1y+3m year old, and this like ...
Wed, Mar 30 9:17 AM djolliej review of 008 - The Utterance Ep#8 by Revlin
You produce like I do for these Mixter events. No chorus. No verse. Just a progr...
Wed, Mar 30 9:13 AM djolliej review of Pleasure in Love by Fireproof_Babies
This is strange, but very, very cool.
Wed, Mar 30 8:59 AM djolliej review of Worn Voices Muddle by PorchCat
The RZA has a unique sound, but this would be a perfect fit for Afro Samurai. Re...
Wed, Mar 30 8:48 AM djolliej review of Mental Crisis (the reason why I rock) by MC Jack in the Box
This has a mid-nineties west coast vibe but with contemporary sound. I enjoyed t...
Wed, Mar 30 8:30 AM djolliej review of Don't Stop 3D by Abstract Audio
This track had my dancing while I was painting my basement. Its like Madlib's Qu...
Wed, Mar 30 8:23 AM djolliej review of Smoked Meat by Admiral Bob
This is simply great. Its like a mix and Jimi and southern rock. A great, great ...
Wed, Mar 30 8:17 AM djolliej review of UnRCHIVEd by AIR_LOMEG
All I can say is "WOW!". This is an amazing mix of some of my work. I felt lik...
Thu, Mar 17 6:00 AM djolliej review of Gambling Addiction by debbizo
I just now saw that you remixed my backing track. I love what you did with it. Q...
Mon, Feb 7 1:08 PM djolliej review of Stay (for this Moment) by Snowflake
Thanks for such a wonderful listen.
Wed, Jan 26 12:55 PM djolliej review of February 18 & 19 by texasradiofish
Nice work.
Mon, Nov 15 9:07 AM djolliej review of Smoke & Lights by boomaga
I really like what you did with with my song. I feel like I should be at a club ...