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Reviews left by J.Lang

Sat, Jan 5 3:10 PM J.Lang review of Jazzy Piano Tune by Jeris
wow!!! That's yummy
Tue, Jan 1 8:14 AM J.Lang review of Two Zero One and Nine by Scomber
Radio ready. I love the hook 201&9
Mon, Dec 31 12:05 PM J.Lang review of Don't Worry 180 by Apoxode
This Kicks A$$.
Mon, Dec 31 11:56 AM J.Lang review of The Explorers by ich1
interesting. I love the string then change. Nice.
Sun, Dec 30 8:59 AM J.Lang review of Die Trying by Snowflake
Nice mix. Great track. No Pellla????
Sat, Dec 29 11:12 AM J.Lang review of FLIP by phildann
That bass is funky. Almost reminds me of a Boz Scaggs track. Very Nice.
Sat, Dec 29 11:07 AM J.Lang review of Growing Older (Piano-Vocal 128 kbs) by wilburson
This is beautiful. Nice job and vocals and piano.
Sat, Dec 29 11:02 AM J.Lang review of Internet Out by Robbero
Love that driving beat. that kick is Killer. Nice dance track
Sat, Dec 29 10:57 AM J.Lang review of Dream on me by Stefan Kartenberg
Smooth. Very Nice.
Sat, Dec 15 1:13 PM J.Lang review of Jaywalker by Apoxode
Nice, love the drums and keys. Sweet !!!
Mon, Jan 16 11:28 AM J.Lang review of Barbed Wire Fence by spinningmerkaba
Very radio friendly.
Tue, Jan 10 1:01 PM J.Lang review of All Of Me(A Late Night Dream Mix) by Alex
Works Nicely. Wish i thought of it.
Tue, Jan 10 1:00 PM J.Lang review of LoveShadow - Break Free (cdk Mix) by Analog By Nature
Very Cool
Thu, Jan 5 10:07 AM J.Lang review of Kiss of Hope by Snowflake
Great Tune, Love the drums on this as well as the arrangement, love the pause wh...
Mon, Nov 28 5:20 PM J.Lang review of To The Mountain by Alex
Great Mix Alex