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Reviews left by J.Lang

Tue, Jan 10 1:00 PM J.Lang review of LoveShadow - Break Free (cdk Mix) by Analog By Nature
Very Cool
Thu, Jan 5 10:07 AM J.Lang review of Kiss of Hope by Snowflake
Great Tune, Love the drums on this as well as the arrangement, love the pause wh...
Mon, Nov 28 5:20 PM J.Lang review of To The Mountain by Alex
Great Mix Alex
Wed, Nov 23 3:07 PM J.Lang review of Bueno Jazz by texasradiofish
FUNK and COOL. Love it.
Fri, Nov 18 9:58 AM J.Lang review of All of me by reiswerk
Well done. Nice files
Thu, Nov 17 11:40 AM J.Lang review of Alaska by SackJo22
I closed my eyes and i was in Alaska
Tue, Nov 8 1:47 PM J.Lang review of Reuse Noise - With The Light (cdk Mix) by Analog By Nature
EAR CANDY... tasty
Tue, Nov 8 1:23 PM J.Lang review of Everything by Quarkstar
Nicely done, very cool
Tue, Nov 8 1:20 PM J.Lang review of The Quiet Hours by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful indeed
Wed, Apr 20 1:04 PM J.Lang review of Two Turntables and a Microphone (DuckCentric Mix) by duckett
Smoother than a fresh jar of Jiffy!!!! Love the Mix Duckett!!
Mon, Nov 30 2:24 PM J.Lang review of And I wish by Loveshadow
Great Productions. Awesome Track.
Mon, Nov 17 6:47 AM J.Lang review of Ur My Cleanup by fourstones
Reminds me of an updated version of some David Frank and Mic Murphy aka the Sys...
Mon, Nov 17 6:31 AM J.Lang review of Trilogy 3. Skynet by Loveshadow
The Message with a Groove..... Mr. Loveshadow you a bad mother.... Very nice my ...
Mon, Nov 17 6:18 AM J.Lang review of One Sound by Snowflake
Always a head of the game, This is Very Sexy and cool. Love the guitar.... Sweet...
Mon, Nov 17 6:12 AM J.Lang review of Velvet Green of Mystery by Doxent Zsigmond
Very Kool, Nice Percussion