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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Tue, May 12 12:26 PM J.Lang review of Let Me Live Long Enough by Speck
Sat, May 9 7:29 PM J.Lang review of Tha Crash by raja_ffm
That intro reminds me of summer madness by kool and the gang. This is hot.
Sat, May 9 7:26 PM J.Lang review of Love is My Road Back to You by texasradiofish
Old school COOL
Fri, May 8 6:58 AM J.Lang review of Stand Tall by Stefan Kartenberg
beautiful mix.
Thu, May 7 1:53 PM J.Lang review of Different Planet by Loveshadow
This is magic. I love this track with his vocals. Very clear and clean mix. You...
Mon, Apr 27 11:19 AM J.Lang review of Broken by mykleanthony
Sat, Apr 25 9:45 AM J.Lang review of third coast grille by panu
Sweet. love the vibe of this.
Sat, Apr 25 8:28 AM J.Lang review of Outside Boom Jam by septahelix
Funky, hip hop with a jazzy groove. Nice VERY nice
Fri, Apr 24 12:32 PM J.Lang review of Bigger Things by Speck
Cool, funky, groovy and sweet.
Thu, Apr 23 1:30 PM J.Lang review of Against The Shadow by Subliminal
This is sweet. I love your choice of sounds. As it was said before Great product...
Tue, Apr 21 12:13 PM J.Lang review of Shallow Waters by Jeris
yes very beautiful.
Sat, Apr 18 1:13 PM J.Lang review of The J by texasradiofish
Very Cool. That guitar is killer.
Sat, Apr 18 11:53 AM J.Lang review of Garage Groove by Stefan Kartenberg
Sweet !!!!!
Sat, Apr 18 11:51 AM J.Lang review of knowledge = power by panu
As I close my eyes this take me another place. I can feel the warmth of the sun...
Sun, Apr 5 4:46 PM J.Lang review of Gravity and Grace (with My Free Mickey) by SackJo22
Well Done SackJo22