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Reviews left by Kwame

Mon, Jan 14 3:10 AM Kwame review of Morphogénèse (part 2) by Frederic Delchambre
Good remix. Nice use of the acappella... That works in 110 bpm. Also like the ...
Sat, Dec 22 5:33 AM Kwame review of Drop Them Ls (BC mix) by duckett
Great! Love the ambiant, electronic and old'school feeling. Reminds me of some...
Sun, Dec 16 6:55 PM Kwame review of Is This Great or What?! by afterguard
For the idea : That could be usefull!
Sun, Dec 16 6:49 PM Kwame review of March (Funkenstein Monstermix) by duckett
Great bass! Strange at first listen but hypnotic track.
Sun, Dec 16 8:52 AM Kwame review of Dirty Grimey (Infected Mix) by Darkroom
Good remix!! That's what I called a club track. The way you made the drums lin...
Sun, Dec 16 7:10 AM Kwame review of Hard Moon Light by DJ.E-State
Nice instrumental! Hope a good Mc will complete it... But it's also cool to lis...
Sun, Dec 16 7:03 AM Kwame review of Pure Rap by DJ.E-State
Great! Beatnuts style... Love that one! Another great job ;)
Sun, Dec 9 9:55 AM Kwame review of Millenium (11th floor mix) by duckett
Wow!!... Abhi's voice seems to be 10 years older!.. Now he knows how he will sou...
Sat, Dec 8 11:09 AM Kwame review of Commun. Skillz by DJ.E-State
Good little track! Simple but good!
Sat, Dec 8 1:17 AM Kwame review of You Can't Deny by duckett
Nice fast rappin' style... Let's see if I can give this pella a good beat ... ;)
Fri, Dec 7 5:21 AM Kwame review of Waitin For The Sound by Abhi S.V.
Great track... Good idea to mix J.Lang's and Boddyker's acappellas! The beat is...
Fri, Dec 7 4:21 AM Kwame review of Millenium (Acapella) by Abhi S.V.
Great pell... I like the message! thanks god you're back on the mic! ;)
Fri, Dec 7 4:19 AM Kwame review of What Cha waitin 4 by J.Lang
I'm on this one as soon as I get back home! Great pell! Thanks Mr Lang!
Fri, Dec 7 4:07 AM Kwame review of What Cha Waitin 4 (simple club mix) by duckett
Wow!! The idea is great... reminds me of Lumidee's first great track the remix f...
Mon, Dec 3 12:49 AM Kwame review of Focus by DJ.E-State
Love the ambiant... you made it sound like something "dangerous" will happen soo...