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Reviews left by copperhead

Fri, May 1 7:29 PM copperhead review of Class Dismissed by Hans Atom
Very hip and up to date!
Fri, May 1 7:28 PM copperhead review of Parallel World by Platinum Butterfly
Good pumping club tune!
Fri, May 1 7:26 PM copperhead review of You Got Me Again by Speck
Jazz rocks!
Sat, Feb 28 8:47 AM copperhead review of Motherless Child by Admiral Bob
WOW! Much enjoyed.
Sat, Feb 28 8:44 AM copperhead review of Never Easy by Kara Square
Really nice Kara! Very moving.
Sat, Feb 28 8:44 AM copperhead review of Never Easy by unreal_dm
Nice heartfelt backing track. Kara sounds awesome!
Sat, Feb 21 9:00 PM copperhead review of remain in light by naotko
nicely done
Tue, Feb 17 2:52 PM copperhead review of My old junk car by Stefan Kartenberg
This is top shelf Stefan! Who is singing? Very nice arrangement and production. ...
Sun, Feb 15 6:20 AM copperhead review of Howmany Is Toomany (remix 500) by Speck
It's crazy how you can make anything work. What's your main instrument for trans...
Sun, Feb 8 5:39 AM copperhead review of Practice Is Perfect by Skill_Borrower
Nice production and a good listen.
Mon, Jan 26 11:26 AM copperhead review of Think of Nothing by Jeris
Very smooth composition. Nice choice of elements used. A tip i discovered when m...
Thu, Jan 22 3:19 PM copperhead review of This is not Love (it's much more) by spinmeister
This is awesome Spin! When I am listening to a song on CCmixter and I forget it'...
Thu, Jan 22 4:37 AM copperhead review of Caring Can Make A Difference (Short Emotional Film Score with Stems) by geoffpeters
Nicely done Geoff.
Thu, Jan 22 4:36 AM copperhead review of Clocky Makes A Difference by Speck
I'm with Latopa.
Thu, Jan 22 4:32 AM copperhead review of National Felt (Atomösaurus erectus remix) by Hans Atom
So glad you are a rocker Hans! Another fine quality track.