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Wed, Dec 2 4:42 PM beckfords review of Keep Your Head Up (Bass) by error404
wicked bass dude!really lifts the track.. i'm vybzin on dat! peace!
Wed, Dec 2 4:08 PM beckfords review of Running by AudioCave
so so so cooooooool! and so live sounding if i smile anymore i'll be accused of ...
Tue, Dec 1 3:32 PM beckfords review of Shine (hook) by Suzi Q. Smith
awesome voice!words!
Tue, Dec 1 3:25 PM beckfords review of Shine / Beat 1 by BOCrew
u guys inspire!
Tue, Dec 1 2:59 PM beckfords review of Runnin by error404
everyones soooo quick on here!AN DAT BASS IS AS FUNKY AS F@@K i really like what...
Tue, Dec 1 6:47 AM beckfords review of ELAS SAO SINISTRAS by error404
cool track, KILLER INTRO !!!
Mon, Nov 30 10:09 AM beckfords review of Future shock (beat rebel remix) by Kojo_Akusa
gwaaaaarn, this is great
Sun, Nov 29 4:32 PM beckfords review of Sick n tired (guessin' games) beat rebel remix by Kojo_Akusa
anutha fine mix broSB sounds great on house beats..sweeet!
Mon, Nov 23 12:48 PM beckfords review of i Why by Scomber
nice one scomber ,thanx for dragging this old un out :-) u right about the famil...
Mon, Nov 23 12:39 PM beckfords review of THIS Family by Loveshadow
songboy hit the nail right on the head, straight up Soul!! and excellently done ...
Sat, Nov 21 7:58 AM beckfords review of FOREVER by BOCrew
Wed, Nov 18 3:19 PM beckfords review of < Tommorow > by Loveshadow
wicked track j ,u sure ur not chillin on some sunny beach somewhere wid your lap...
Mon, Nov 9 10:10 AM beckfords review of Magic in your eyes (Beat rebel mix) by Kojo_Akusa
kojo you just gotta stop putting these beats together :-) ( jus joking lol)..anu...
Sun, Nov 8 2:01 AM beckfords review of THE FEE DUNK STAR / SIBE B by BOCrew
oh yeh
Sun, Nov 8 1:58 AM beckfords review of Around the World. by Loveshadow
great choice of pella and a great mix bro