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i Why

uploaded: Sat, Nov 21, 2009 @ 6:30 PM
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Thanks to those mixters that confirmed my madness in proposing a self masochistic challenge of 24 songs in 24 hours.
I’m now preparing myself for this attempt (a rigorous training schedule has now begun)
Unreal_dm hit on the point of probable physical and mental burnout. One possible way around this is to incorporate my music making into the other normal things I do during the day.
Like lazing by the pool and drinking.
Its a stinking 41 degrees here today, so with the help of the iphone and a beer in the other hand as I sat around the pool to do this - 43 minutes of sunburn.

I’ve got to say that some of the music apps available for the iphone are amazing. Particularly Pro - a soft synth a bit like Korg’s Kaos Pad except it utilises the tilt and roll sensors on the phone so you can get all weird ass without falling off the sun lounge. A wifi connection back to the studio helps also. So does Sassygal rubbing sunscreen into my shoulders.
Cheers and a big thanks to Beckfords for some classic words.
Bush and Blair may have gone but unfortunately the smell is still rather similar.
Hope you like it.

Scomber 2009 x
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"i Why"
by ScOmBer

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