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Tue, Dec 14 4:09 PM AT review of Really Sorry by debbizo
you have a great voice for this--done with style.
Mon, Dec 13 5:05 PM AT review of When Tomorrow Comes by Admiral Bob
Well this is quite nice---you all sound like The Beautiful South. Excellent.
Mon, Dec 13 4:59 PM AT review of Fade To Black by spinmeister
well I maybe a bit late but still worth the visit. This is so very well done Sp...
Mon, Dec 13 4:45 PM AT review of the wanderer by septahelix
another interesting track--if I had one I would sit infront of the fire--if I ha...
Wed, Dec 8 5:05 PM AT review of The Warrior by Olenergy
just going through your other mixes---like this one very much.
Wed, Dec 8 5:02 PM AT review of Persephone by Olenergy
like this-very nice vocal treatment.
Sat, Dec 4 8:28 AM AT review of Good Enough (GE Piano mix) by George_Ellinas
man this is beautiful--dont know how I missed it all those years ago. Thanks to...
Sun, Nov 28 1:47 PM AT review of One Way to Read Poems by debbizo
My third listen now--thank you so much for making me part of your poem. I didnt...
Mon, Nov 8 6:24 PM AT review of What Do You Say by mykleanthony
my my--was enjoying this as Sassy sounds so good and your backing is just perfec...
Mon, Nov 8 6:16 PM AT review of Panu's instructions by Morusque
Bloody hell--flawless indeed, I cant imagine fitting all this together---amazing...
Mon, Nov 8 6:13 PM AT review of Two by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
Very cool--
Mon, Nov 8 6:11 PM AT review of Abstract Vybe by MC Jack in the Box
As soon as Ms Vybe came in I was grinning--this is just so good, and as J.Lang m...
Mon, Nov 8 6:04 PM AT review of hourglass by urmymuse
yes this is very nice and so well done, i love your guitar work. Dont know abo...
Sun, Nov 7 6:31 PM AT review of Love Is What's Missing by Clarence Simpson
Nice and funky and I dont think too much at all--you made it work together very ...
Sun, Nov 7 6:14 PM AT review of Some Other Colour by Alex
This is all working so well together, great work on that and good ear to get eve...