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Reviews left by audiomesh

Wed, Aug 30 10:02 AM audiomesh review of Brilliant by teru
Sweet rhodes and sweet song.Kcentric is right this is one of the reasons why thi...
Wed, Aug 30 5:19 AM audiomesh review of Ophelia's Song by Equivallentium
very relaxed version with a great e-piano and a cool overall sound. great job
Wed, Aug 30 5:14 AM audiomesh review of I Think I Started a Trend (bill berry mix) by William Berry
well not ambient but dead cool. Great guitars accoustic and electric and a great...
Tue, Aug 29 11:25 AM audiomesh review of Life of Luxury (Mo's mix) by Mo
This sounds so cool on good headphones.Really great
Tue, Aug 29 8:10 AM audiomesh review of Time to Take Out the Trash (bill berry mix) by William Berry
very cool instrumentation and song structur. Everything fits togethter just swee...
Thu, Aug 24 5:23 AM audiomesh review of Hooked on Fonics (two minute tech mix) by Analog By Nature
this mix could get on for something like min. and it wouldn´t get boring. coo...
Wed, Aug 16 2:53 AM audiomesh review of DJ Dolores - Sanidade (Atoma Mix) by atomamusic
very cool! Great guitar and trumpets
Fri, Aug 11 8:51 PM audiomesh review of Nebulous Advice - Minimal Mix by MIXXIM
nice and mellow no rush. This song is so made for listening at nightime. cool w...
Fri, Aug 11 8:45 PM audiomesh review of Ophelia by Darkroom
sweet. great accordion and strings. this mix´s got atmospere
Thu, Aug 10 5:44 AM audiomesh review of In The Summertime by MIXXIM
cool mix between wild drums and sweet sounds.
Sun, Aug 6 11:41 AM audiomesh review of Pode Queimar (holojazz mix) by shagrugge
brilliant! i was just considering using this pella, but it could never get bette...
Wed, Jul 26 3:37 PM audiomesh review of What's This? by murat ses
i agree to vincent,it´s too short. nevertheless 5 stars for the first minute. I...
Sun, Jul 23 5:10 AM audiomesh review of Gently (All around us) by Klaus_N
very nice mix and a lovely spanish guitar. a sort of sudden end but still a very...
Sat, Jul 22 4:50 AM audiomesh review of Desaprendere (Darkroom Remix) by Darkroom
love the rhodes sounds and the low piano. smooth beat and great work with the br...
Sun, Jul 16 11:12 AM audiomesh review of Cherry Gelatin ( Feat Ms.Vybe & Clarance Boddyker) The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
cool! real smooth sounds and great mix.