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Reviews left by anjibee

Mon, Dec 1 1:47 PM anjibee review of We are Connected (the Chemma Chi Remix) by SackJo22
Oh wow, what a fun surprise to have my vocal "covered." So glad that I was able ...
Wed, Jul 10 2:12 PM anjibee review of Ragdolls(mix) by @nop
Thank you for your work with my vocal file, Nop. I enjoyed it!
Mon, May 13 2:29 PM anjibee review of New life feat. Anji Bee by Godzilla
Thanks for the sweet remix! I found it first on SoundCloud. :)
Sat, Mar 16 2:06 PM anjibee review of true beauty? by deaddragoncarcass
Hello DDC! I'm compiling my favorite ccMixter tunes using my vocals for a free ...
Sat, Dec 17 11:41 AM anjibee review of SteppinĀ“ to Sukhavagga by Wired Ant
Thanks for a nice mix, Wired! I just played in on my show. I think it fits nicel...
Mon, Sep 26 2:28 PM anjibee review of Connected (Glitch and back mix) by ghosts4hire
Nice work! Thanks for sharing it. Will try to play on my podcast soon. :)
Mon, Aug 30 1:09 PM anjibee review of Funk the Copyright by texasradiofish
wow what a fun mix!
Tue, Feb 9 10:31 PM anjibee review of Crossing the Pond by logos
thank you for a very lovely remix! the chants set up the mood so perfectly and i...
Tue, Feb 9 10:25 PM anjibee review of Crossing The Pond (Floating Buddha Mix) by vo1k1
WOW! this is a really amazing mix. i'm so glad i stopped by to see if anything n...
Wed, Apr 1 8:32 PM anjibee review of Words (Lack Of Them) by yellowjacket_osx
thanks for your great work on this track, dj yellow jacket! i played it on my po...
Sat, Sep 20 11:18 AM anjibee review of Buddz In The Hood by Loveshadow
wow! i really love it. i hear the artful dodger thing, too, which is cool. its b...
Tue, Sep 2 10:03 AM anjibee review of WE R 1 ( Deeply Madly Mix ) by Loveshadow
very sexy mix! sadly, i can not claim those sumptuous vox, though, those are the...