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Mon, Jul 4 7:49 AM Anchor review of Happy Horsefeathers by Kara Square
as always before - I adore your sense of humor and your sense of "play" - well ...
Mon, Jul 4 7:47 AM Anchor review of Wood and Fire by Admiral Bob
Salute Admiral...absolutely delightful.
Mon, Jul 4 7:36 AM Anchor review of The Future of Birdfish by HEJ31
nice work - experimental yes but accessible also.
Mon, Jul 4 7:33 AM Anchor review of All Roads Lead to Bombala by CSoul
Think this is one of your best ever....enjoyed it. Congrats on Ed Pick too.
Sun, Jun 26 3:03 PM Anchor review of she was a machine by marcinn
great story-telling - sense of drama!
Sat, Jun 25 11:48 AM Anchor review of Replicant Caravan (TyrellMix) by duckett
something very appealing about this - a sense of exotica and adventure - I get t...
Sat, Jun 25 11:44 AM Anchor review of Crown Of Thorns (where it needs to be) by Speck
a scary and beautiful little journey into poetic melancholy in two parts. your ...
Fri, Jun 17 5:36 PM Anchor review of The Key by Scott Altham
Scott! wonderful work. great production. Anthemish and compelling. Loved it.
Fri, Jun 17 5:34 PM Anchor review of Dumb Begets Had by Speck
been away for a couple months traveling. Glad to be able to hear some new offer...
Fri, Jun 17 5:32 PM Anchor review of Give it up by Carosone
Home after a very long journey...finally getting around to some reviews and list...
Tue, Jun 14 11:34 AM Anchor review of Coole Park (AM on LP mix) by duckett
Sir Duckett pretty much exactly what I had hoped would materialize from this of...
Mon, Apr 11 1:34 PM Anchor review of Original Sin by Subliminal
great work Subliminal - interesting weaving of samples and a message sustained...
Sat, Apr 9 5:05 PM Anchor review of Laying orange Jelly under my Apple Tree by annabloom
Sat, Apr 9 6:58 AM Anchor review of Don't Blink by Kara Square
its a musical wabi-sabi for me.... I raise my glass to the pair of you... a ...
Sat, Apr 9 6:55 AM Anchor review of The Outcast by Jeris
Thanks Jeris ... somehow you made this melancholic lyric sound somewhat hopeful...