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Reviews left by aliteralmind

Wed, Jan 30 10:06 AM aliteralmind review of It's Not Silly! by Speck
Wow. I can’t WAIT to show this to him. Thank you so much for doing this, S...
Thu, Jul 12 1:04 PM aliteralmind review of Where I Stand (CARL iCON Remix) by CARL iCON
Honored to be part of this. The notification was sitting in my spam folder for a...
Sun, Mar 31 11:22 AM aliteralmind review of Twinkle Twinkle (E.SoX ft. Super-Herbie) by E_SoX
This is the hottest thing I've ever heard my son in. Fantastic. He and I just l...
Wed, Mar 20 6:24 AM aliteralmind review of Electrified Folk Roots by Shelflife
So interesting. The alternative melody is a good one. A very different feel, but...
Sun, Mar 3 5:15 PM aliteralmind review of A New Place and To The Max by IDzeroNo
ccmixter never ceases to amaze me. I posted the clip in after breakfast, and at ...
Wed, Feb 27 6:44 AM aliteralmind review of Start Each Day With Love (Saturday Night Mushroom Mix) + stems by stellarartwars
This is one of those songs that immediately comes across to me as needing an aca...
Thu, Feb 21 1:34 PM aliteralmind review of Space Rites by Wired Ant
This is a great driving beat. Well done.
Wed, Feb 20 6:29 AM aliteralmind review of Deeper by @nop
I don't know how I missed this. I love how you stick in a bit of his chuckle in ...
Sun, Sep 9 6:15 AM aliteralmind review of Jack and George by @nop
You made my boy a rapper! What else needs to be said? :)
Sun, Sep 9 6:09 AM aliteralmind review of G by Sturzstrom
Subtle and pleasant. Nice.
Tue, Sep 13 5:53 AM aliteralmind review of Sing With Me by Mana Junkie
Ha! Love it!
Tue, Jun 7 11:15 AM aliteralmind review of Mattress by Robbero
My three year old has never been so funky! They grow up so fast. One day you're ...
Mon, Jun 6 1:15 PM aliteralmind review of Airplane2 by Sturzstrom
Relaxing and subtle. Always intrigued with how spoken word is used by ccmixters....
Tue, May 18 8:28 AM aliteralmind review of alphabet song by delmo
A very interesting piece, delmo. I feel like the industrial sounds are a reflect...
Mon, Feb 15 12:14 PM aliteralmind review of Easy Killer by DeBenedictis
This is a lovely pell. Sweet melody, and nicely sung.