Reviews left by Aamu

Wed, Sep 7 10:18 PM Aamu review of Human Rhythms Volume 1 by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
You made me smile :)
Wed, Sep 7 7:47 PM Aamu review of tHA smOKe oUT neVER eNDS by thickDIGITAL
Nice. Like playing on Amiga again.
Wed, Sep 7 7:45 AM Aamu review of Phoenix by shockshadow
I have this bias for long tracks that they must be repetative and dull. So, list...
Mon, Aug 29 5:51 AM Aamu review of 01 by morphine
Me too. This one really begs for sampling.
Mon, Aug 29 5:50 AM Aamu review of 02 by morphine
Another nice, reusable piece by morphine.
Mon, Aug 29 5:49 AM Aamu review of 04 by morphine
There is great techo sample material here (until the noise starts at :40) Ag...
Thu, Aug 25 5:15 AM Aamu review of Watches Forest -Main Mix- by CoffeeTrim
Very nice. I love the synth introduced at 0:37.
Thu, Aug 25 5:05 AM Aamu review of What Cha Need - CoffeeTrim Blaster Mix- by CoffeeTrim
Rap's not my thing, but that bassline is. Cool beats, too.
Thu, Aug 25 4:58 AM Aamu review of Stop it by Fujimo
I must agree, very catchy. I like it but are the static clicks intentional? ...
Fri, Aug 19 6:36 AM Aamu review of Dr.0+ - Psycho by Waxi & Dr.0+ (Dr. O Positive)
Man, you must try the other effects too. Squeezing everything through an overdri...
Fri, Aug 19 6:30 AM Aamu review of Dr.0+ - Braindance by Waxi & Dr.0+ (Dr. O Positive)
I'd like to respect your debut song. But this is not music. Imho just a womit. ...
Mon, Aug 1 6:26 PM Aamu review of Stranger From Below by Trifonic
Amazing mix.
Mon, Aug 1 7:26 AM Aamu review of Cuckoo (Funk Chaos Remix) by Brad Reiss
It's great. it's awful. It's hard to rate something you recognize but don't w...
Mon, Aug 1 7:12 AM Aamu review of Below Shoes' Remix by Shoes
This hits my neck. Can't stop nodding.
Mon, Aug 1 7:07 AM Aamu review of Below feat. Lisa DeBenedictis (eddie's up all night mix) by dreamfilter
3 days, eh? That's more than enough time. I think it would be a safe bet to s...