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Reviews left by Aamu

Wed, Feb 14 8:29 AM Aamu review of never get out by tone_group
Music fits the vocals very well, if I didn't know, I might think this is the ori...
Mon, Feb 12 8:07 AM Aamu review of Konan - Twisted Up by Dafcok
Very nice! You make me want to do a techno mix.
Mon, Feb 12 8:04 AM Aamu review of innertide by DJ BLUE
Very Beautiful.
Mon, Feb 12 7:48 AM Aamu review of Midnight by paradox
Well, this time in sync :) A bit too repetative. Both of your songs seem to b...
Mon, Feb 12 7:42 AM Aamu review of A Night At Tobassa by paradox
Have to agree with shagrugge about the vocals being off beat here and there, but...
Mon, Feb 12 7:28 AM Aamu review of Ana - m.w.d. remix by corp_mwd
Funky and catchy. I guess the sources beg for this kind of approach to this s...
Mon, Feb 12 7:24 AM Aamu review of Pick A Scene by Briareus
I was a bit annoyed by the very heavy vibrating pannings the song started with. ...
Wed, Jan 3 4:28 AM Aamu review of phurba by penston
I'd love to play any fast paced FPS, in an oriental styled map with not too many...
Tue, Jan 2 3:15 AM Aamu review of The Universe is Larger by Calling Sister Midnight
Nice and balanced. I especially love the distorted glides. Could have done th...
Mon, Jan 1 5:08 AM Aamu review of A Long Way From Home (Ran's Mix) by MC Jack in the Box
The falsetto is perfect. I just love this mix.
Fri, Oct 20 6:33 AM Aamu review of See Y'all Soon (folly mix) by PorchCat
Would it be even possible to fail with these vocals? Beautiful, beautiful mix...
Fri, Oct 20 6:28 AM Aamu review of Blessed are the Greedy - by teru
Mmmmm... sweet, sweet vocals, and you really honor them with this mix.
Sun, Aug 13 2:34 AM Aamu review of Bx Death Rap by trackto
Fri, Aug 11 3:28 AM Aamu review of Ophelia by Darkroom
Thu, Aug 10 5:32 PM Aamu review of Flypaper Rhapsody by Pitx
Pitx says "There are some mistakes in the guitar and in the bass, pardon." T...