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Reviews left by _ghost

Wed, Mar 21 12:17 PM _ghost review of "Layla Jones" by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
Oh, I it was such a fun doing this track...:-)big thanks to for blessing...
Sun, Mar 18 4:11 AM _ghost review of Rainha do Sol - F-Stereo 2007 remix by FuriousStereo
Very cool combination. I like it. Only issue is that it has some empty spaces. A...
Sun, Mar 18 4:06 AM _ghost review of Biodrift by DJ BLUE
Classic beat! Nice. I like especially second part.
Sun, Mar 18 3:55 AM _ghost review of Youth in Asia by MC Jack in the Box
Hot guitars fit very well to the "bangin" character of pella. This chill moment ...
Sun, Mar 18 3:50 AM _ghost review of I Wonder What I'll Do Today by tacet
Very cinematic... and that cool beat:-)Looks like you work with big orchestra ag...
Sun, Mar 18 3:41 AM _ghost review of "Talk to me" (Sub-hop Remix) by Analog By Nature
I like it a lot!
Sun, Mar 11 6:16 AM _ghost review of Velvet Robe (Originally by Narva9) by tacet
Sounds like a song from some performance. You know, this "noble", traditional in...
Sun, Mar 11 6:09 AM _ghost review of Just one man by Click
Just sweet! Reminds me dreamy Chroma Key tracks. Cosmic melancholy....
Tue, Feb 27 4:08 PM _ghost review of Calendargirl - January (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
I like it. Reminds me a little, song from Ghost in the Shell SAC, "Lithium flow...
Tue, Feb 27 3:57 PM _ghost review of Work Out Fine (remix) by ditto ditto
Very nice. I like all these little details that makes that track so complete, fo...
Mon, Feb 26 2:21 PM _ghost review of Officially So by MC Jack in the Box
Filter fun:-)
Mon, Feb 26 2:17 PM _ghost review of UnlikeTheRain by Citizen Nyx
Very nice composition. Nice drums and captivating atmosphere. Only distorti...
Mon, Feb 26 2:07 PM _ghost review of gone by penston
Sentimental. I like it!
Mon, Feb 19 1:16 PM _ghost review of ditto ditto by ditto ditto
From Africa to Spaghetti western. What a trip:-) Great track.
Mon, Feb 19 1:07 PM _ghost review of So Official (viente uno mix) by DJ BLUE
Smooth beat,sweet chorus and dubby bass looks like perfect recipe for me:-)