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Reviews left by _ghost

Tue, Jul 29 11:54 AM _ghost review of Elizabeth June (Dogmix) by oldDog
I like this melancholic guitar melody. Creates so much mood.
Tue, Jul 29 11:37 AM _ghost review of Midnight Theme (cdk mix) by Analog By Nature
Great! Simple but so effective and addictive:-)
Sun, Jul 27 4:11 PM _ghost review of Overboard (Nightshade Mix) by Onyx Nightshade
Yes, it certainly has "after dark" tone. Nice solo btw.
Sun, Jul 27 2:56 PM _ghost review of Sooner or Later by teru
Intro beat reminds me rather MA and their "inertia creeps" tune. This track ...
Sun, Jul 13 1:50 PM _ghost review of We are in Love by MC Jack in the Box
This certainly dispels all clouds:-)
Sun, Jul 13 1:35 PM _ghost review of Broken (DURDEN version) by DURDEN
Got "kick" and soul and lots of hidden treasures in a background.
Sun, Jul 13 1:27 PM _ghost review of Wait (Liquid Version) by maxwell
Such a subtle mix. Very cinematic. Reminds me a little group called ZOAR.
Sun, Jul 13 1:19 PM _ghost review of For Shame by Doghouse Riley
Simply CRAZY! Fine stylization!
Fri, Dec 28 8:00 AM _ghost review of Open Your Eyes (in the name of love) by Analog By Nature
I like how you use single words to build some interesting background and atmosph...
Fri, Dec 28 7:50 AM _ghost review of tHE -pSYChO reMIX kiIla by Loveshadow
Sounds just like dark fairytale
Fri, Dec 28 7:47 AM _ghost review of Got To Rock (cdk mix) by Analog By Nature
simple but effective and this 2:58 change is delicious
Tue, Nov 20 11:07 AM _ghost review of Sax samples from"I like it like That"(s.thaens) by stefsax
Gracias;-) This is perfect!
Sun, Nov 18 1:56 AM _ghost review of Memory's Defect - Strings 1 by Illusions of Sound
Great, Great! Perfect for some intro.
Sun, Nov 18 1:52 AM _ghost review of Black is the Night (cdk black dub mix) by Analog By Nature
Nice synth preset. I like this moment around 3:03 when this cool background samp...
Sun, Nov 18 1:46 AM _ghost review of Mixterious Secret Fairy's party.. by ditto ditto
Sweet. I love how vocals are overlayerd and transformed - it reminds me Enya sty...