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Sun, Dec 18 9:23 PM ghosts4hire review of Ghosts Invade by BlueMillenium (Remix) by Bluemillenium
Awesome remix of my song. Very ethereal and spooky. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Alm...
Mon, Jan 24 9:44 PM ghosts4hire review of Emerge In Love by Alex
Wow good stuff. I really like it. Inspires me to go play with my arpeggiators ri...
Tue, Sep 8 12:20 AM ghosts4hire review of Please Stay Still (Live at the ccM Convention) by ScOmBer
hooray for awsomeness!!!
Tue, Sep 8 12:16 AM ghosts4hire review of Rest (For A While) (Demo) by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
I love this song!!!
Sun, Jul 19 1:53 AM ghosts4hire review of Wordy Scattalogical by radiotimes
Durnit I wish I was a s cool as you :P Good job I cant seem to get everything as...
Thu, Jul 2 10:38 AM ghosts4hire review of One for Me by SackJo22
Good stuff. Makes me want a colorful drink with an umbrella in it. :)(
Fri, Jun 19 11:53 PM ghosts4hire review of Dream of Flight (Lead Vocal) by queeniemusic
This is so great, I cant wait untill I have some time to devote to adding some m...
Fri, Jun 19 11:36 PM ghosts4hire review of Scomberella CMS Promo(extended) by ScOmBer
I think "this" is the cool music show, it makes me smile and thats what its all ...
Fri, Jun 19 8:01 PM ghosts4hire review of Dream of Flight RmX by Manolo Camp
Excellent. Im not very good at reviewing so I will just leave it at that.
Fri, Jun 19 7:57 PM ghosts4hire review of Sick by grayhartgray
Very cool, I will probably be working on this for my next project. :)
Wed, Jun 3 10:17 PM ghosts4hire review of Man of the Shadows by SackJo22
I have been waiting for something new from you to play with YAY!!!!
Thu, May 28 1:43 AM ghosts4hire review of Promo (2) Featuring SackJo22 & Briareus by SackJo22
Promos are fun yay! Again the lvls are high but im not sure if its just because ...
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