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Reviews left by Vidian

Tue, Sep 28 7:27 PM Vidian review of Mellow Piano Triplets by Clarence Simpson
I consider people who submit amazing sounds & Stems like this personal friends. ...
Tue, Sep 28 7:22 PM Vidian review of cajon mwic by error404
whatevar cajon is, itzweet
Tue, Sep 28 7:21 PM Vidian review of The Other Judge + 404 by mwic
ogg fail -.- thanks windows
Sat, Sep 25 12:29 AM Vidian review of Birthday Cake Song by ThePineappleWafers
Know what? I like this :D Reminds me of MY birthday :P
Tue, Sep 21 10:26 AM Vidian review of LISA CRISTI by BOCrew
BO I NEED That Synth D: it is amazing :D
Tue, Sep 21 2:15 AM Vidian review of theOtherSide by airtone
Airtone, I can't believed I missed you. You are one of my new favourite mixters!...
Tue, Sep 21 2:08 AM Vidian review of nightingaleRemixed by airtone
This is amazing You are the master o atmosphere :D
Tue, Sep 21 2:06 AM Vidian review of tokyoStreet by airtone
Wow, I'm glad I came back to see what else you had, this is the first song of yo...
Fri, Sep 10 10:11 PM Vidian review of Mine + Yours = Ours by George_Ellinas
If anyone needs a reason as to why your my hero, I just need to point them to th...
Sun, Aug 15 1:44 PM Vidian review of The Remixin' Blues by Admiral Bob
Very Yes. This is awesome.
Mon, Aug 9 10:34 AM Vidian review of Hold On (Pellas) by 7OOP3D
I love this pella :D its filled with possibilities :D
Thu, Aug 5 11:56 AM Vidian review of Where You Are Now Acapella by WolfFly
Damn Flacs :(