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Reviews left by Vidian

Thu, Dec 16 9:50 PM Vidian review of Heaven by Admiral Bob
unfortunatly I dont listen to and review enough of the amazing works of fellow m...
Mon, Dec 6 1:39 PM Vidian review of Romanza by Clarence Simpson
This is something I could listen to for forever
Mon, Dec 6 1:30 PM Vidian review of I Miss You by tom_luft
This is really great :D Perfect SYNERGY and equal energy coming from both Music...
Wed, Dec 1 6:13 PM Vidian review of Surprise Me by Alex
O mai god, this is sick :D thank you buddy :D
Sun, Nov 21 3:01 AM Vidian review of Ghosts and Monsters by George_Ellinas
George :D I love it. omg. I can say without a doubt you are my Favourite art...
Sat, Nov 13 11:54 PM Vidian review of Seed (the song) by Snowflake
Snowflake. The lyrics in this song make me feel like your singing about ever...
Sat, Nov 13 3:10 AM Vidian review of Oh Come Thee Down (Chorale) by SackJo22
You see nothing, But your heart is in the right place. I love that line. ...
Sat, Nov 13 1:39 AM Vidian review of Secret Chex Mix (Vidian) by djolliej
Sorry for the late review :P I'm always late. Sounds good in my headphones. So ...
Wed, Nov 10 3:44 PM Vidian review of It Is the Hour (Get Up) by Snowflake
Omg, This kicks ass! "I actually tore the LCL in my knee July 28, 2010, danci...
Wed, Oct 20 11:19 AM Vidian review of Mie de piscine by Morusque
omg Morsque. I'm so happy I've looked at your recent stuff. I had no Idea how am...
Wed, Oct 20 11:16 AM Vidian review of Qui n’us quelqui ne solent l’urs by Morusque
You have no idea how happy I am right now :D
Wed, Oct 20 11:15 AM Vidian review of So weird (William Berry + Morusque mix) by Morusque
Do you have the Instrumental version to this? :(