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Reviews left by Vidian

Wed, Jan 26 10:52 AM Vidian review of Emergence See by Kara Square
I agree with everyone. This is amazing :D You are cool :D
Wed, Dec 22 12:24 PM Vidian review of Jack Ketch by Fireproof_Babies
Jack ketch is a killer
Thu, Dec 16 9:59 PM Vidian review of When Tomorrow Comes by Loveshadow
You never do anything below par do you?
Thu, Dec 16 9:50 PM Vidian review of Heaven by Admiral Bob
unfortunatly I dont listen to and review enough of the amazing works of fellow m...
Mon, Dec 6 1:39 PM Vidian review of Romanza by Clarence Simpson
This is something I could listen to for forever
Mon, Dec 6 1:30 PM Vidian review of I Miss You by tom_luft
This is really great :D Perfect SYNERGY and equal energy coming from both Music...
Wed, Dec 1 6:13 PM Vidian review of Surprise Me by Alex
O mai god, this is sick :D thank you buddy :D
Sun, Nov 21 3:01 AM Vidian review of Ghosts and Monsters by George_Ellinas
George :D I love it. omg. I can say without a doubt you are my Favourite art...
Sat, Nov 13 11:54 PM Vidian review of Seed (the song) by Snowflake
Snowflake. The lyrics in this song make me feel like your singing about ever...
Sat, Nov 13 3:10 AM Vidian review of Oh Come Thee Down (Chorale) by SackJo22
You see nothing, But your heart is in the right place. I love that line. ...
Sat, Nov 13 1:39 AM Vidian review of Secret Chex Mix (Vidian) by djolliej
Sorry for the late review :P I'm always late. Sounds good in my headphones. So ...
Wed, Nov 10 3:44 PM Vidian review of It Is the Hour (Get Up) by Snowflake
Omg, This kicks ass! "I actually tore the LCL in my knee July 28, 2010, danci...