Reviews left by Vidian

Sun, Sep 16 1:28 PM Vidian review of Grasslands by gurdonark
Whoa, there are some.. odd moments of magic in here ^ ^
Sun, Sep 16 1:27 PM Vidian review of You Made Me Believe (ft Jeris) by SackJo22
Very cool song! There are some truly appeasing moments of harmony between song a...
Sun, Sep 16 1:24 PM Vidian review of Bottoms Up by texasradiofish
Very cool musical fusion. Bottoms up ^ ^
Sun, Sep 16 1:21 PM Vidian review of Closer Now (Get Funky Mix) by Snowflake
^ ^ I love the treatment of the drums and your shrouded and sexy voice in this
Sun, Sep 16 4:19 AM Vidian review of Unsaid by 7OOP3D
I love it. Its funny Admiral bob mentions Sarah McLachlan, this reminds me of so...
Fri, Sep 7 9:47 PM Vidian review of its cool to be by grapes
Nah, Just when you do it :P I'm lukewarm at best ^ ^
Fri, Sep 7 9:46 PM Vidian review of soul jah by grapes
Amazing rendition. You rok it
Mon, Aug 27 5:12 AM Vidian review of Traffic's Got to Stop (pella in downloads) by lonnie
Ha, Very cool ^ ^ I have a few ideas for this, but, it'll be weird :P
Sat, Aug 18 10:41 AM Vidian review of Wanderer by Javolenus
That is a beautiful, full and dark sound you have there ^ ^
Sat, Aug 18 10:36 AM Vidian review of Solidarity For Pussy Riot by guitarmy
I'm all for the fight for Pussy Riot.. I just wish they had a more appealing nam...
Sat, Aug 11 12:57 PM Vidian review of DROEGENBWOYS-TINX GLOBALLY BACKGROUND VOX by i_rebel
Nice Vocals ^ ^
Thu, Jul 26 5:50 PM Vidian review of Free Hearts (pell) by Snowflake
HA, Wonderful. Music really is a language, the notes are the intonation and the...