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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

Reviews left by Jeris

Tue, Apr 26 6:27 PM Jeris review of Welcome Home by Anchor
this is...magical :)
Sun, Apr 24 11:06 AM Jeris review of Easter Light by unreal_dm
Glad I discovered this song today : )
Fri, Apr 22 2:41 PM Jeris review of Gettin' By by Kara Square
Great song, great lyrics. Thanks to you and unreal for helpin us all get by :)
Thu, Apr 21 8:51 PM Jeris review of Surprise Me by copperhead
Very Cool, I like the breakdown : )
Thu, Apr 21 2:55 PM Jeris review of Largado by error404
Thu, Apr 21 8:03 AM Jeris review of You and your bright ideas by DoKashiteru
Absolutely wonderful! What a joyful masterpiece!!
Thu, Apr 21 7:47 AM Jeris review of Quark (working title) by WillemWillem
This is so good I just tried to log in by typing in 'Fantastic' Freudian slip? ...
Tue, Apr 19 6:36 PM Jeris review of Like Music by unreal_dm
Another hit ;)
Tue, Apr 19 6:34 PM Jeris review of End of Time by Steven M Bryant
Great job!
Sun, Apr 17 3:09 PM Jeris review of Fishes in the Sea by Scomber
Oh man how I miss the beach, this takes me right back!
Sun, Apr 17 3:01 PM Jeris review of A Better Way - Bach Remix by rocavaco
Listening to some Botany Bay remixes, excellent job on this one : )
Sun, Apr 17 2:57 PM Jeris review of A Better Way by Clarence Simpson
Nice fit!
Fri, Apr 15 6:13 PM Jeris review of Strike the Root by unreal_dm
Fri, Apr 15 4:32 AM Jeris review of Into The Garden. by Loveshadow
This is perfect, gospel chill. New genre! good work on the backing vocals too...
Fri, Apr 15 4:26 AM Jeris review of There's Always a Better Day by Admiral Bob
This is great, one of my favorites from you so far. I think many could be conte...