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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

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Tue, Sep 15 6:16 AM Jeris review of I Wont Abandon You by Scomber
Cool, sounds like there were some happy accidents and magical moments in there. ...
Sun, Sep 13 7:17 PM Jeris review of Where the Moon Shines Bright by Kara Square
Masterpiece! "But Stefan Kartenberg already created the mix of my dreams. Fine t...
Sun, Sep 13 7:10 PM Jeris review of Say Their Names - Love and Remember by SackJo22
Ooh, this is nice!
Sun, Sep 13 6:13 PM Jeris review of Timeout by bangcorrupt
FONKY! Excellent use of the samples, thanks!!
Sun, Sep 13 3:56 AM Jeris review of Moonlight Out of the Sky by Down With Ben
This is amazing!
Sun, Sep 13 1:48 AM Jeris review of Firefly by Snowflake
Love that dark piano, reminded me of some Fiona Apple. Another amazing arrangeme...
Sun, Sep 13 12:12 AM Jeris review of That's All I Want To Do by spinningmerkaba
OK so I've heard two remixes so far, and they are jams, not just remixes...lovin...
Thu, Sep 10 8:40 AM Jeris review of Broadway by Zep Hurme
This is SOLID...Love it!
Fri, Aug 28 9:26 AM Jeris review of Broadway by Scomber
That's great man!
Tue, Apr 7 7:44 PM Jeris review of Open (septahelix remix) by septahelix
Cool, nice to hear the hang drum in a remix!
Mon, Apr 6 7:10 PM Jeris review of Gravity and Grace (with My Free Mickey) by SackJo22
Bangin house track! I don't know what I like more the track or just reading your...
Mon, Apr 6 7:04 PM Jeris review of Where Nothing Feels Wrong by spinningmerkaba
Nice wall of sound, love that tone.
Mon, Apr 6 7:01 PM Jeris review of Just Got You. by Loveshadow
I was mesmerized listening to this and watching that gif...haha
Sun, Apr 5 4:09 PM Jeris review of Coming Home by Snowflake
Sun, Apr 5 4:01 PM Jeris review of resonance by airtone
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