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Wed, Feb 18 1:26 PM Jeris review of Delta Wave 1Hz by GeeArtriasRose
I did mine all around 100 Hz, so mine was 101 Hz Left and 100 Hz Right, I think ...
Tue, Feb 17 9:12 PM Jeris review of Toning the Chakras - Base to Crown and Beyond by GeeArtriasRose
Thank you so much for doing this!I was about to make the request in the forums.Y...
Wed, Feb 4 6:54 AM Jeris review of She Was Sunny by Speck
Nice work Check this out, Speck...I think you'd appreciate it. http://www.npr.or...
Mon, Feb 2 3:58 PM Jeris review of Roi des etangs by elliotnesslequik
Love it!
Sun, Feb 1 11:47 AM Jeris review of Waterfall by elliotnesslequik
Fri, Jan 30 8:11 PM Jeris review of Music is a Nexus by copperhead
Sweet...reminds me of dirty dozen brass band doin' some Jelly Roll : )
Fri, Jan 30 6:50 PM Jeris review of Girls from Havana by diaphane
Well...that's tasty! :)
Wed, Jan 28 5:50 AM Jeris review of Light Think by Speck
Very cool, Speck! Good use of the samples and very nice additions! Great way to ...
Mon, Jan 26 8:28 AM Jeris review of Power by reiswerk
Nice...sounds like a Tarantino soundtrack : )
Sat, Jan 17 8:54 AM Jeris review of Spank That Funky Butt by texasradiofish
You cray cray homie : )
Fri, Jan 16 7:33 PM Jeris review of Lady Ethanol by ScOmBer
Brilliant interpretation, Scomber
Thu, Jan 15 7:26 AM Jeris review of Vitamins by Zep Hurme
This is insanely good!!!
Mon, Jan 12 12:18 PM Jeris review of snowdaze by airtone
Oh wow, I love this!!! I think this might be one of the best remixes I've heard ...
Fri, Jan 9 11:06 AM Jeris review of the cubans are coming, the cubans are coming! by latopa
Oooh...yeah, that's good stuff. Any chance of uploading the percussion track(s) ...
Tue, Jan 6 7:53 AM Jeris review of One Way by Zep Hurme
Bass is nasty!!!