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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

Reviews left by Jeris

Thu, Jan 15 7:26 AM Jeris review of Vitamins by Zep Hurme
This is insanely good!!!
Mon, Jan 12 12:18 PM Jeris review of snowdaze by airtone
Oh wow, I love this!!! I think this might be one of the best remixes I've heard ...
Fri, Jan 9 11:06 AM Jeris review of the cubans are coming, the cubans are coming! by latopa
Oooh...yeah, that's good stuff. Any chance of uploading the percussion track(s) ...
Tue, Jan 6 7:53 AM Jeris review of One Way by Zep Hurme
Bass is nasty!!!
Mon, Jan 5 5:34 AM Jeris review of Funky Butts by texasradiofish
Haha...the title is almost as clever as the interlude :)
Mon, Jan 5 5:29 AM Jeris review of Funky Bots by Admiral Bob
Sweet...yeah, you're totally in your zone here. I guess the infunktion IS back :...
Wed, Dec 31 7:46 AM Jeris review of Dm90-jazz-guitar-impro by Javolenus
Nice, this should be useful!!
Sun, Dec 21 1:31 PM Jeris review of Machine loop by diaphane
Very cool, your vocals always work so well with ditto ditto!
Thu, Dec 18 6:07 AM Jeris review of Holiday Funky Blues by Snowflake
Snowflake and the Family Stone!!!
Sun, Dec 14 7:34 PM Jeris review of Pushin' Daisies by Cadu Oliveira
Cool...what a pleasant surprise!
Sun, Nov 16 11:35 AM Jeris review of Mushishi by Calling Sister Midnight
Hmmm, Mushi..sounds legit to me : ) Sounds like nanobes, actually...somewhere be...
Sun, Nov 16 11:21 AM Jeris review of One Sound by Snowflake
Classic chill sound...fantastic!! I could listen to this all day : )
Sun, Nov 16 11:17 AM Jeris review of Greetings to St Petersburg by onlymeith
Love that lush sound. Like riding a giant wave. Really interesting pairing with ...
Sun, Nov 16 11:07 AM Jeris review of We are Connected (the Chemma Chi Remix) by SackJo22
Love the beginning sample and the U2-ish intro. A lot of cool stuff happening in...
Sun, Nov 16 10:29 AM Jeris review of The Jeris loops by ditto ditto
Wow, that's managed to use all those samples and it never loses a ...