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Reviews left by TheDICE

Thu, Jun 27 6:08 PM TheDICE review of Perfectly for You by Kara Square
Excellent perfomance. Your singing is always pleasant, Kara. The music is also g...
Sun, Jun 16 8:07 AM TheDICE review of Shut Your Wah Wah Mouth by texasradiofish
Impressive fx on the vocals, sounds great. I liked a lot the music, great work
Sun, Jun 16 7:49 AM TheDICE review of Triggernometry by Quarkstar
Really cool, i enjoyed it. The beat makes me dance, i can't help but dance on t...
Sun, Jun 16 7:41 AM TheDICE review of A Forest (extended escapism) by keytronic
extremely pleasant, i loved it. Congrats, this mix is excellent
Sun, Jun 16 7:26 AM TheDICE review of Just Beginning by unreal_dm
Fantastic music... i really enjoyed, Sir. And I agree with Keytronic!! Congrats
Sun, Jun 16 7:20 AM TheDICE review of Blue Soul by unreal_dm
I just finished a mix, it's time to heal my ears with a finest mix! Congrats Unr...
Wed, Jun 12 3:36 PM TheDICE review of Look Away (ft Audiotechnica) by SackJo22
very sad, but beautiful at the same time... congrats SackJo22, excellent mix
Excellent track. Very pleasant
Wed, Jun 12 3:22 PM TheDICE review of The Last Train to Koszalin ft. Kara Square & Javolenus by Doxent Zsigmond
Congrats doxent for your work. I liked very much your piano melodies and drums, ...
Wed, Jun 12 3:15 PM TheDICE review of Never Did Nothin' To Write A Song About by Speck
very good! your vocals fits perfectly the mood of the music. But in weird way......
Wed, Jun 12 3:08 PM TheDICE review of Need You Baby by copperhead
Excellent track, Copperhead. Has something 90s that i like very much. Beautiful ...
Wed, Jun 12 3:00 PM TheDICE review of The Bout of Bass and Ukulele by Kara Square
very nice composition Kara! i like that "waiting" atmosphere. Cool sounds and i...
Wed, Jun 5 12:55 PM TheDICE review of To Be Sensitive (inc stems) by stellarartwars
excellente remix, enjoyed very much.
Sun, Jun 2 11:44 AM TheDICE review of Vampire Thoughts by Robert Warrington
Cool track, i enjoyed the listen very much. I could listen that guitar riff for ...
Sun, Jun 2 11:29 AM TheDICE review of The Wind of Love by SackJo22
Congrats SackJo22 for your new amazing perfomance, i listened the mix of Copperh...