Reviews left by TheDICE

Fri, Dec 9 5:40 PM TheDICE review of Jester of the Golden Apocalypse by CSoul
tasty! I liked it. nice work!!
Thu, Dec 8 7:30 PM TheDICE review of B'way Song Drums by copperhead
wonderful drums! Thanks for sharing
Thu, Dec 8 5:27 AM TheDICE review of Bedtime Blues by Down With Ben
i like very much your lyrics and voice. Congrats!
Wed, Dec 7 4:08 PM TheDICE review of Change changes things such as Product Availability in Vending Machines by annabloom
yes, the bass riff is powerful! nice work.
Wed, Dec 7 11:56 AM TheDICE review of Howling at the Full Moon by Kara Square
I realized later that this song was special. Today I listened carefully, and it'...
Sun, Dec 4 4:01 AM TheDICE review of Dance in the Rain by copperhead
Right at the start seemed to begin a song of iron maiden ... Fantastic, amazing ...
Sun, Dec 4 3:42 AM TheDICE review of Forever by Steven M Bryant
this song is instantly catchy Among other things, you sing very well. grats
Sun, Dec 4 3:30 AM TheDICE review of Another Fall by Steven M Bryant
thanks Steven, this was really enojoyable
Sun, Dec 4 3:12 AM TheDICE review of Could be Worse by Steven M Bryant
this pella rocks!
Sun, Dec 4 3:11 AM TheDICE review of CC Mixter Blues by Steven M Bryant
This blues was so good. Congratulations, its a pleasure listen to you
Fri, Dec 2 3:56 PM TheDICE review of Breakbeats Part 6: When the sleep is gone by Abstract Audio
powerful thanks for sharing
Fri, Dec 2 3:53 PM TheDICE review of Hard Choices by Syenta
wow, a perfect arrengement. grats
Fri, Dec 2 3:24 PM TheDICE review of Old and New Things by CSoul
Groovy!! i like your solid beats
Fri, Dec 2 3:14 PM TheDICE review of Please Don't Wish Me A Merry Christmas by Kara Square
fantastic track! This will be my music at christmas !! very good job, thanks...
Fri, Dec 2 5:00 AM TheDICE review of Imperfect World (joe average mix) inc stems by stellarartwars
good arrangement! happy and playful