Quintessential Solstice Event

Reviews left by Super_Sigil

Thu, Nov 29 2:33 PM Super_Sigil review of MMTMMP 17 Full Steam Ahead by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
thanks for having me over
Fri, Nov 23 9:51 AM Super_Sigil review of Hey Cinderella by unreal_dm
a radio hit! excellent work as always.
Thu, Nov 22 10:44 AM Super_Sigil review of Multi Cultural Trance Mix (short version) by CSoul
this is great CSoul!
Thu, Nov 22 10:34 AM Super_Sigil review of TMK 47 Part 3 by The Mixin' Kitchen (w/SackJo22)
thanks for putting me in here sackjo. looking forward to the reuse project.
Sun, Nov 18 6:14 PM Super_Sigil review of The Coldness by Speck
Definitely top ten favorite Speck track for me, and this year in general.
Thu, Nov 1 11:28 AM Super_Sigil review of Hokkien HipHop Auction Pop by Ivan Chew
great track. stems?
Thu, Nov 1 11:24 AM Super_Sigil review of Crying Walls by Wired Ant
love the title. love the stems!
Thu, Oct 25 12:07 PM Super_Sigil review of Zen by Javolenus
really loving the zen series J.
Wed, Oct 24 10:40 AM Super_Sigil review of How You Do by Speck
i really liked the movement of the beat and the bass. the sample selection work...
Wed, Oct 24 10:31 AM Super_Sigil review of We Become Pure Joy by Javolenus
this brought joy to my morning. thanks for the great track J.
Sun, Jun 17 4:10 AM Super_Sigil review of Come Back by Down With Ben
real cool ben. not an easy task to put vocals to a completed track you had no i...
Sun, Jun 17 3:43 AM Super_Sigil review of The river by Carosone
what a treat! great work. glad to be a part of it.