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Reviews left by Shelflife

Fri, Aug 22 6:58 PM Shelflife review of The River .... by VickyDan
Great interpretation of the lyrics and vocal with a stunning backing track.
Mon, Aug 18 11:25 PM Shelflife review of Living in Harmony by Patronski
Summer of love, feel good factors and the result a wonderful mix
Mon, Aug 18 11:18 PM Shelflife review of Needle and Thread by Stefan Kartenberg
Whilst the mix on one hand has a simplistic feel the way you've produced it give...
Mon, Aug 18 12:09 AM Shelflife review of Renegade by Stefan Kartenberg
Great blend of the vocal with the BT that makes for a perfect sound.
Mon, Aug 18 12:04 AM Shelflife review of Pathways of the Mind by unreal_dm
Continued excellence!
Thu, Aug 14 7:27 PM Shelflife review of The Traveler Hesitates At The End Of The Line by Speck
Like a lot of your stuff I have to listen to it a couple of times to get the bes...
Thu, Aug 14 7:18 PM Shelflife review of I won't Let Her Know by copperhead
Great combination of guitar sounds. Starts out like your sitting on the fro...
Wed, Aug 13 4:20 AM Shelflife review of The Hurricane Song by panu
Just a beautiful song and played and sung with great feeling. PS. Why did yo...
Wed, Aug 13 4:15 AM Shelflife review of Certain Death by unreal_dm
Like Panu I kept thinking Beach Boys, sunshine and Brian Wilson all alone creati...
Wed, Aug 13 3:55 AM Shelflife review of i show you my world vocals by Stefan Kartenberg
Incredible vocal offering! I just love it when someone sings from the heart a...
Wed, Aug 13 3:48 AM Shelflife review of Journey by Stefan Kartenberg
Great groove and wonderfully produced
Sun, Aug 3 8:20 PM Shelflife review of Two Turntables And A Microphone-Unplugged by Alex
I tried to take KC away from the normal Rap BT and you have taken him even furth...
Sun, Aug 3 8:09 PM Shelflife review of Tree Hugging by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Another nicely paced addition to one of my mixes so thanks for that.
Fri, Aug 1 6:29 PM Shelflife review of Half Dome by spinningmerkaba
Great words and delivery
Fri, Aug 1 6:20 PM Shelflife review of Shearwaters by robwalkerpoet
I have a habit of forgetting to thank the sources I use on the sources upload pa...