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Reviews left by Shelflife

Mon, Mar 25 5:57 PM Shelflife review of Yesterdays News by copperhead
Haven't heard a "Foot Tapper" as good as this since Hank and the boys laid it do...
Mon, Mar 25 5:51 PM Shelflife review of pieCES ( j&L Mix ) by Loveshadow
I prefer this to your other mix. The vocal work is outstanding and works seam...
Mon, Mar 25 5:42 PM Shelflife review of Since I Met You, Baby by texasradiofish
Tight as my wallet! Great stuff Mr T.
Mon, Mar 25 5:36 PM Shelflife review of The Same Light Shines by unreal_dm
Thu, Mar 21 4:48 PM Shelflife review of Parting Glass -- Super-Herbie Remix by aliteralmind
Damn!! I used the wrong vocal!! :)
Tue, Mar 19 5:16 PM Shelflife review of Incantantrice by Hans Atom
I reckon you have got that vocal spot on as it sits so well in the mix
Tue, Mar 19 5:10 PM Shelflife review of The Uncertainty of Principles as Principle of Certainty about unknown Unknowns by annabloom
Great backing track that works so well with the spoken word
Tue, Mar 19 5:03 PM Shelflife review of Love is a Cruel Machine (Campfire Ditty) by Scomber
An inspired remix of the Fronz's vox. I hope you remembered to douse that fir...
Mon, Mar 18 5:16 PM Shelflife review of The Parting Glass -- re-RE-recorded with CHORD-track (final!!!) by aliteralmind
Great vocal but move a little further back from the mic next time to avoid the b...
Mon, Mar 18 5:11 PM Shelflife review of We Give, We Get by unreal_dm
Wonderful sound by someone who obviously knows what he's doing!
Sun, Mar 17 11:17 PM Shelflife review of Put A Flute In It by Skill_Borrower
Some really nice puffing and blowing on this with a great overall feeling.
Thu, Mar 14 9:45 PM Shelflife review of California Drinking Song by oberonskye
I want to sound like this one day as well!! Outstanding if not better from tw...
Wed, Mar 13 5:10 PM Shelflife review of Calendula by @nop
Different but satisfying!
Tue, Mar 12 4:52 PM Shelflife review of M A Y U R A part 1 & 2 & 3 by CSoul
I once wandered around the ruins at Angkor Wat listening to Radiohead and a few ...
Tue, Mar 12 4:36 PM Shelflife review of Simplicity (Beats) feat. Rob Walker by Wired Ant
You certainly have mastered those hypnotic grooves! Nice one!