Secret Mixter Tracks

Reviews left by Shelflife

Wed, May 22 12:03 AM Shelflife review of Just Beginning by Snowflake
Only true musicians wear their heart on their sleeve as you have done over the y...
Tue, May 21 5:33 PM Shelflife review of Human Race by texasradiofish
If you had multi tracked the vox we could have had the Andrew Sisters! Great ...
Tue, May 21 5:18 PM Shelflife review of Simple Things by Scomber
Very nice working of the vocal. On a tech level I would have liked to have se...
Tue, May 7 5:44 PM Shelflife review of Black Shadow by Hans Atom
Not much to add but a big
Tue, May 7 5:39 PM Shelflife review of We have no Confirmation of your Identity and thus cannot determine the Identity of your Confirmation by annabloom
Wonderful control of what at times appears to be a mix that will start to go ove...
Tue, May 7 5:33 PM Shelflife review of Sky by tigabeatz
Great sounds that interplay so well.
Tue, May 7 5:28 PM Shelflife review of Who's the Man? by unreal_dm
Made me want to put a polka dot dress on and start dancing! But then I remember...
Tue, May 7 5:19 PM Shelflife review of Human Race (difficult years) by Snowflake
I was in the human race - race once but my plimsole had a blowout on the second ...
Tue, May 7 5:13 PM Shelflife review of JazzyLilBrainSpaceGroove by Speck
Excellent feel to this with everything sitting so well together.
Tue, May 7 5:03 PM Shelflife review of I Love You by CSoul
I like the backing track but for me the vocals seem at odds with it. Feels li...
Tue, May 7 4:59 PM Shelflife review of Hold On by copperhead
Ah! you cannot beat a nicely played Spanish guitar unless of course you have som...
Mon, May 6 5:55 PM Shelflife review of If Nothing Else by Admiral Bob
Great inspirational singing and playing. You are a true troubadour!
Fri, Apr 26 5:44 PM Shelflife review of Who's Da Man? by Zep Hurme
Great production and a great listen!
Fri, Apr 26 5:40 PM Shelflife review of Caelus by Javolenus
I could "harp" on about this for a while but surfice to say.. excellent!!
Fri, Apr 26 5:36 PM Shelflife review of Organic Dome Brush by Speck
Very inventive mix with a happy happy feeling that makes everything blend togeth...