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Reviews left by Shelflife

Sun, Jun 16 6:30 PM Shelflife review of KILLER (cool guy) by CSoul
Disturbingly good mix!
Sun, Jun 16 5:54 PM Shelflife review of Look Away by Jeris
Great production with a wonderful feel throughout (sounds a bit rude that but i ...
Sun, Jun 16 5:42 PM Shelflife review of Nothing Wrong With Tina Gill by unreal_dm
Nothing wrong with Tina and nothing wrong with this mix. The vocal sits perfe...
Sun, Jun 16 5:36 PM Shelflife review of just shut up (intimate breath mix) by robwalkerpoet
Melting sophistication on a flute.
Wed, Jun 5 5:29 PM Shelflife review of Euphoria by Robbero
This is from the "Great when it stops" genre:) Your warning notes were a good...
Wed, Jun 5 5:20 PM Shelflife review of Hemera by Javolenus
I've met some great guitarists over the years but only a few have the ability to...
Tue, Jun 4 5:00 PM Shelflife review of smoove_DM by texasradiofish
Short but very sweet!
Mon, Jun 3 5:17 PM Shelflife review of TAXIM by CSoul
Nice mix with some interesting sounds and very apt for the current situation.
Mon, Jun 3 5:13 PM Shelflife review of The Wind of Love by copperhead
TURN THE VOX UP!!! Great mix!
Wed, May 29 1:59 AM Shelflife review of JazzyLilFunkGrooved by Jeris
You'd be hard pushed to slide a piece of paper between those instruments, so tig...
Wed, May 29 1:52 AM Shelflife review of ... as the small gods silently wept by robwalkerpoet
Wonderfully inventive mix with a discordancy that seems perfect and with a wande...
Tue, May 28 6:11 PM Shelflife review of Orlando (Switched-On Werckmeister III) by duckett
I can visualise it now. Jaff's gone back to visit the old country and pops in...
Mon, May 27 5:35 PM Shelflife review of DREAM by CSoul
Very creative
Mon, May 27 5:26 PM Shelflife review of Autobiography by unreal_dm
Rip roaring arrangement that reeks of 50 + talent:) The vocals not bad either...
Mon, May 27 5:20 PM Shelflife review of I Still Cry by Steven M Bryant
Another great vocal with that special delivery you have when singing.