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ahonoe (SCott):

Reviews left by ahonoe

Mon, Jul 16 4:59 PM ahonoe review of Desaprendere by grapes
Open and beautifully paced. You had a clear idea of what you wanted to accomplis...
Mon, Jul 16 4:45 PM ahonoe review of introz by Tye
Mon, Jul 16 4:43 PM ahonoe review of organ and drums by Fireproof_Babies
A textbook example of "modern" music; elegant and intentional. A perfect base fo...
Sun, Apr 15 7:55 PM ahonoe review of Cooling Test Violin-5 by Dimitri Artemenko
Excellent performance.
Sun, Apr 15 7:53 PM ahonoe review of Funky drum loop by wkriski
Real. Very real. Strongly recommended.
Sun, Apr 15 7:52 PM ahonoe review of Clarinet(the black&white on it) by stefsax
Authentic and moody.
Fri, Oct 27 7:41 PM ahonoe review of All_I_Need_feat. FAM (Onza Remix) by DJ Kryptide
Adroit. You have done this many times before. No?
Fri, Oct 27 7:38 PM ahonoe review of sevenhundredbeats by duncan_beattie
Duncan you have a confident aesthetic. Your stuff is really compelling and I oft...
Fri, Oct 27 7:29 PM ahonoe review of Don't you by stefsax
A lovely blend of instrumental talent and computer craft. This is why I ccMix.
Sat, Sep 9 8:57 PM ahonoe review of c Thing by duncan_beattie
Lyrical and useable. This should fire plenty 'o inspirations. This is what ccM ...
Thu, Jun 29 7:01 PM ahonoe review of Desaprendere by Alex
What a mood! Sweetly put together. You show a mature aesthetic.
Fri, Jun 2 10:49 PM ahonoe review of brad sucks-Dirtbag-atoa by atoa
You got it togetha - bass, tempo, arrangement. I'm listening for your other rele...
Fri, Jun 2 9:17 PM ahonoe review of Electric MultiDimensionality by William Brown
Wicked. I'd love to see some of your licks uploaded to Samples. I'd certainly us...
Sun, May 7 11:15 AM ahonoe review of Folk Minor Remember the name by Dj_Tarquin
Please consider my apprecaition as inspiration for completing more tracks.