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Reviews left by Robbero

Sat, Jun 26 1:09 PM Robbero review of Collective Grief - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Let's be honest, this isn't the first time you're replaying this song. Definite...
Sat, May 1 11:09 AM Robbero review of Floating While Waiting by Radioontheshelf
LOVE it! So many sounds!
Sat, Feb 13 5:40 AM Robbero review of Waking Me Softly by Rewob
Masterfully done.
Sat, Feb 13 5:39 AM Robbero review of Trashpasser blue jazz by Stefan Kartenberg
Masterfully done.
Sun, Mar 29 1:31 AM Robbero review of Play That Game by fluffy
This is great!
Fri, Jan 31 11:27 PM Robbero review of Been Like That Too by texasradiofish
Wed, Sep 25 12:38 PM Robbero review of Living Secrets by Apoxode
Funky indeed! Good rhythm :)
Thu, Jul 25 12:58 PM Robbero review of Living in Harmony by Stefan Kartenberg
Why this is not featured! Enjoyed much!
Tue, Jun 25 12:18 PM Robbero review of The Garden by Stefan Kartenberg
So beautiful :`-)
Wed, Jan 16 11:51 AM Robbero review of Stutter Step by septahelix
Amazing sounds. Love it!
Thu, Nov 22 10:15 AM Robbero review of Fear Of The Unknown by Speck
Love it! Thanks for remixing me!
Fri, Nov 9 10:04 PM Robbero review of β™₯ L.O.V.E. β™₯ by RizKeyG
Sun, Nov 4 12:33 AM Robbero review of The Blender Volume Two by Apoxode
What can I say. We are creative community.
Fri, Aug 31 11:52 PM Robbero review of My Love by E_Man
Perfect! Much enjoyed.
Sat, Apr 7 11:37 PM Robbero review of Heart Beats So Fast by Loveshadow
Definitely one of the best Ccmixter producers.