Secret Mixter Tracks

Reviews left by Robbero

Wed, Sep 25 12:38 PM Robbero review of Living Secrets by Apoxode
Funky indeed! Good rhythm :)
Thu, Jul 25 12:58 PM Robbero review of Living in Harmony by Stefan Kartenberg
Why this is not featured! Enjoyed much!
Tue, Jun 25 12:18 PM Robbero review of The Garden by Stefan Kartenberg
So beautiful :`-)
Wed, Jan 16 11:51 AM Robbero review of Stutter Step by septahelix
Amazing sounds. Love it!
Thu, Nov 22 10:15 AM Robbero review of Fear Of The Unknown by Speck
Love it! Thanks for remixing me!
Fri, Nov 9 10:04 PM Robbero review of ♥ L.O.V.E. ♥ by Rizkey G
Sun, Nov 4 12:33 AM Robbero review of The Blender Volume Two by Apoxode
What can I say. We are creative community.
Fri, Aug 31 11:52 PM Robbero review of My Love by E_Man
Perfect! Much enjoyed.
Sat, Apr 7 11:37 PM Robbero review of Heart Beats So Fast by Loveshadow
Definitely one of the best Ccmixter producers.
Tue, Mar 27 12:26 PM Robbero review of Secret Beers by Stefan Kartenberg
Wed, Oct 25 12:01 PM Robbero review of Free by Kristian Skybound
Lovely guitar :)
Tue, Jan 3 7:45 AM Robbero review of BUSS IT UP by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Nice beat! :)
Fri, Nov 4 11:06 PM Robbero review of Fonzarp - Love is a Cruel Machine ( a TRX Merciless Mecha Mixx) by TRX1
Holy boly!
Mon, Oct 31 12:23 PM Robbero review of House of Ghosts by gurdonark
So much darkness inside me! :(
Sun, Oct 9 11:36 AM Robbero review of Forgiven For Now by Speck
Thanks. Listening this song has been an amazing experience for me on so many lev...