Break the Silence Event

Reviews left by RizkeyG

Fri, Dec 23 6:38 AM RizkeyG review of You're My Beautiful by CSoul
I love the reverse stuff !
Fri, Dec 23 6:37 AM RizkeyG review of Shine by TheDICE
Superb stuff !
Fri, Dec 23 5:39 AM RizkeyG review of Autumn leaves and pipers feat. wnm by Wired Ant
Love this acoustic calmer ! :-)
Fri, Dec 23 5:15 AM RizkeyG review of See The Wilderness (vocal) by CiggiBurns
You are by far one sultry sounding lady .. its like taking me into the 1950s new...
Fri, Dec 23 5:11 AM RizkeyG review of Angels We Have Heard on High by texasradiofish
First! EXCELLENT NAME ! secondly ... its like the Kenny Everett show meets Clock...
Fri, Dec 23 4:59 AM RizkeyG review of Fine line by Calyman
Loverly it real or a plugin ?
Fri, Dec 23 4:37 AM RizkeyG review of GoOn by Admiral Bob
A man who is acousticaly profound, very nice and excellent work..This track show...
Fri, Dec 23 4:33 AM RizkeyG review of Go On by Alex
Is that a Battery 3 drum kit i hear? love the way you doubled up with the effect...
Fri, Dec 23 4:29 AM RizkeyG review of Go On by Zep Hurme
Nice and Chilled ..a lot like a snowflake
Fri, Dec 23 4:27 AM RizkeyG review of Snow Woman by Super_Sigil
Its like a new track for TOMB RAIDER 3.. Urban Music Terrorism and I like it !!
Thu, Dec 22 5:38 PM RizkeyG review of Go On by Snowflake
I love the message and the vocal They inspired me to create a mix. I hope you li...