Reviews left by RizKeyG

Mon, Dec 31 6:15 AM RizKeyG review of Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Well constructed
Mon, Dec 31 2:05 AM RizKeyG review of Don't Worry 180 by Apoxode
Like its straight outta Bristol
Sun, Dec 30 3:47 PM RizKeyG review of Sample Shred by DJ Matt Hite
Clicking back in time to 2004... This seems to be the first ever remix ..utili...
Sun, Dec 30 2:10 PM RizKeyG review of If This Is all You See* The Dirty Water ReMix by J.Lang
Reason ... i may dust mine off and update from 5 to 10 ! Diggin the Old Skool
Sat, Dec 29 3:38 AM RizKeyG review of Dream on me by Stefan Kartenberg
Fri, Dec 28 4:30 AM RizKeyG review of In a Box by Snowflake
Traveling back in time with these lyrics... but you have given me a sonic idea
Fri, Dec 28 3:52 AM RizKeyG review of Snowcore 170 by Apoxode
Like it came straight out of the underground in Bristol
Thu, Dec 27 4:05 PM RizKeyG review of The Christmas Star by texasradiofish
Mon, Dec 24 3:14 AM RizKeyG review of Le jugement de RizkeyG by Bluemillenium
HA.. like FIRE and ICE ... Just how i like it... IT is supposed to be a joyou...
Wed, Dec 19 10:14 AM RizKeyG review of Loving Men by The_Stereo_Inspectors
Tue, Dec 18 3:18 AM RizKeyG review of Come Sing Along by SackJo22
" I try to make up for the lack of finesse with heart " YOU NEVER ' EVER ' N...
Tue, Nov 27 2:45 AM RizKeyG review of Dust From The Stars (80s EBM Mix) by Mr. Pepino
tracking with the vocals ..its like a Reed and Caroline cut ;-)
Tue, Nov 27 2:40 AM RizKeyG review of The Day The World Ends by Mr. Pepino
An ultra original take with a collection of words
Mon, Nov 26 4:32 PM RizKeyG review of Synergistic Effects by Mr. Pepino
not many would understand the music content of this track.. but i was creating t...
Tue, Nov 20 9:08 AM RizKeyG review of Prayer Urgency by zikweb
Beautiful soundscape