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Reviews left by RizkeyG

Tue, Jul 24 1:09 AM RizkeyG review of I'll Wait by Tarida Gaol
If there ever was a competition for a music composition that fitted perfectly wi...
Mon, Jul 16 3:32 PM RizkeyG review of DCOSS by onlymeith
Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis just stepped in the room !
Fri, Jul 13 5:24 AM RizkeyG review of My Love 160 by Apoxode
Takes me back to the 1990s
Thu, Jul 12 11:57 PM RizkeyG review of The Parting Glass (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
YOU are a master of your craft ;-)
Thu, Jul 12 11:54 PM RizkeyG review of now by SackJo22
SmOove Groove
Mon, Jul 2 5:28 AM RizkeyG review of Ukulele Space Metal (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Awesome :-)
Tue, Jun 26 5:53 AM RizkeyG review of we are small by panu
Brilliant work and gorgeous vocal harmonies !
Fri, Jun 22 6:05 AM RizkeyG review of Haze by Dan_Mantau
Somehow .. i missed this ! reminds me of Reed and Caroline
Thu, Jun 21 1:30 PM RizkeyG review of Adaptation is How We Survive by SackJo22
A step back into the arena ..and the new journey begins .. Welcome back into the...
Fri, May 18 8:59 AM RizkeyG review of Venus and The Moon (ft. Javolenus) by robwalkerpoet
Perfect selection
Wed, May 16 12:24 PM RizkeyG review of nothin like this befor by FORENSIC
I like the Flow
Wed, May 16 7:50 AM RizkeyG review of Lean Into it All (Duet) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
acoustically awesome !
Fri, May 11 3:37 AM RizkeyG review of Menthol (take the chance) by Admiral Bob
Smooooooth !
Thu, May 10 12:21 AM RizkeyG review of panspermia by airtone
gorgeous !!
Wed, May 9 4:31 AM RizkeyG review of The Test by Aussens@iter
You are the guitar craft KING !