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Reviews left by RizKeyG

Thu, Apr 9 11:16 AM RizKeyG review of Another Girl (instrumental) by duckett
Great use of spatial reverb ! Thanx to Soundtrails for highlighting this ... o...
Thu, Apr 9 10:52 AM RizKeyG review of Sitting in the empty house by Siobhan Dakay
The essence of THE PANTHER! very creative! if not copyright controversial slight...
Thu, Apr 9 3:10 AM RizKeyG review of My Apocalypse Now [StayAtHomeReMix] by Jihfa
This is actually a very clever production
Wed, Apr 8 2:58 AM RizKeyG review of Stayin' at Home (feat. Duckett) by Kara Square
I cant quite put my finger on it .. but sometimes Kara you sound like a band mem...
Wed, Apr 8 2:51 AM RizKeyG review of Corona Fears by Apoxode
That is some band you created here !
Sun, Mar 1 3:01 PM RizKeyG review of ALL YOU SEE by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Funk n flava
Thu, Jan 16 4:32 PM RizKeyG review of Shehnai- Let the beat hit em- Remix by J.Lang
Phunkee Kool
Thu, Dec 12 6:02 AM RizKeyG review of Computer Music Ruined My Life by septahelix
' Computer Music Ruined My Life ! ' ( That will be my perfect final words et...
Tue, Nov 12 2:18 AM RizKeyG review of Wake Up America by Whitewolf
In some obscure way.. it sort of reminds me of this... https://www.youtube.com/w...
Mon, Nov 11 10:06 AM RizKeyG review of Saturday Night Fly by Scomber
Awesome.. I will try and bring out your inner Barry again in the future HA !
Thu, Oct 31 5:08 AM RizKeyG review of Just One Night(Big Booty Mix) by sunbyrn
2 weeks ago i listened to all your remixes and hit on some inspiration as a resu...
Sat, Oct 26 1:54 AM RizKeyG review of Dreamer Dancing by Apoxode
Fri, Oct 25 3:58 AM RizKeyG review of Difficult Listening by Apoxode
Ive dabbled with Robs poetry too .. he has plenty of content
Fri, Oct 25 3:50 AM RizKeyG review of Last Guy Sheltered by Speck
Organic !
Thu, Oct 24 3:34 PM RizKeyG review of Know What's True by Apoxode
when listening with Headphones on .. the stereo is spacial