Reviews left by RizkeyG

Fri, Oct 5 3:00 AM RizkeyG review of Net Neutrality - Hands off the Internet by projectQUESTION (lonnie ray atkinson)
highlighted by Snowflake from another mix... ..i might dust off my AMD processor...
Thu, Oct 4 2:00 PM RizkeyG review of The Blender Volume One by Apoxode
are you sure you are not related to Aphex Twin ?
Wed, Oct 3 9:38 AM RizkeyG review of Key Fundy by fourstones
Wed, Oct 3 6:16 AM RizkeyG review of Revolve by cinematrik
Checking out the " all time " Hot list... This seems at the top of the leader ...
Wed, Oct 3 12:46 AM RizkeyG review of Up Until Now by eddiebingo
Boom !
Tue, Oct 2 1:10 PM RizkeyG review of Divine Darkness by Mr. Pepino
( 2 my ears ) A fascinating choice of chords
Tue, Oct 2 12:21 PM RizkeyG review of Job Center Melancholy by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
I used to work in a Job Centre Plus... I can safely say there was plenty of si...
Tue, Sep 25 4:18 AM RizkeyG review of Drugs of Choice by Hans Atom
Superb !
Thu, Sep 20 11:39 PM RizkeyG review of Haze by Doxent Zsigmond
its the " blips and the bops" that make the track isnt it :-)
Mon, Sep 3 1:15 PM RizkeyG review of Now Is The Time by Speck
Did David Bowie pop round for tea ? AWESOME !
Mon, Jul 30 3:54 AM RizkeyG review of I m feeling U by reiswerk
Feeling you on a ragga tip !
Mon, Jul 30 3:07 AM RizkeyG review of Fever .... by VickyDan
Mon, Jul 30 2:08 AM RizkeyG review of Old Times and older People by Radioontheshelf
Reminds me of Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen
Sun, Jul 29 11:58 PM RizkeyG review of fall to pieces by kris_sky
You have some great ambience happening in this mix
Sun, Jul 29 11:57 PM RizkeyG review of I'll Wait by Stefan Kartenberg
ME likey !