Dig The Soundtrack 2017 Remix Event

Reviews left by RizkeyG

Thu, May 18 6:03 AM RizkeyG review of Holiday Funky Blues by Stefan Kartenberg
Urban Funk ... superb groove !
Mon, May 15 5:32 PM RizkeyG review of The Ties That Bind by KCentric
You have given me an idea
Mon, Mar 13 11:36 AM RizkeyG review of Power of the People - Vocals by Kara Square
When i heard this... it inspired a remix ! Quite fitting under the circumstances...
Sun, Jul 31 4:09 AM RizkeyG review of In My Sky by MissJudged
Thankyou.. you had given me the inspiration for a melody !
Fri, Jul 29 4:37 AM RizkeyG review of Two Turntables and a Microphone (DuckCentric Mix) by duckett
OOOH... this is a funk killa ;-)
Tue, Jul 26 9:21 AM RizkeyG review of Mr Rabbit by Stefan Kartenberg
I like this one
Wed, Jul 20 2:55 AM RizkeyG review of Shatter Your Heart by Loveshadow
I know a few who need to listen to this !
Thu, Jul 14 12:06 PM RizkeyG review of Calling on Dolphins by fourstones
The sound quality is fine.. i dont like cystal clear mixes anyway... especially ...
Wed, Jul 13 11:12 AM RizkeyG review of I Miss You (Quintett) no drums by Siobhan Dakay
Glorious !
Wed, Jul 13 11:11 AM RizkeyG review of Jefferson Walk by Rey Izain
reminds me of Starsky and Hutch
Tue, Jul 12 1:53 PM RizkeyG review of Talk To Me by unreal_dm
Loving it
Fri, May 27 3:19 PM RizkeyG review of Break FREE ( The Strangle Hold ) by Loveshadow
Sounds like me over 6 months ago ! ;-)
Wed, Nov 4 11:38 AM RizkeyG review of Blue Bison (punk fantasie) by Speck
Superbly organic ( as always ;-) )
Wed, Nov 4 11:37 AM RizkeyG review of Make a Change (Jazzy mix) by CSoul
Sounds pretty good to me
Mon, Oct 5 1:25 PM RizkeyG review of We Were Just We by Ms.Vybe
Superb !