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Reviews left by RizkeyG

Sun, Oct 22 5:16 AM RizkeyG review of Stems - Free (let the dolphins go) by Ivan Chew
did The Edge .. pop round for coffee ?
Sun, Oct 22 5:15 AM RizkeyG review of Free by kris_sky
Can you upload the stems ?
Sat, Oct 21 1:49 PM RizkeyG review of Best Revenge by Beyolie
welcome to 1980
Sat, Oct 21 4:56 AM RizkeyG review of Reptilian Eyes (Remix) by Robbero
Ive yet to do a Trap mix.. this is giving me a bit of inspiration !
Sat, Oct 21 4:54 AM RizkeyG review of persephone 2018 skyrider remix by kris_sky
Groove on this is very clever
Sat, Oct 21 4:52 AM RizkeyG review of House on Haunted Hill by texasradiofish
With tracks like this and all the talent we have on this site.. i am amazed nobo...
Fri, Oct 20 10:32 AM RizkeyG review of The Missing Star by ich1
Almost Vangelis !
Fri, Oct 20 10:31 AM RizkeyG review of Somewhere, In a Random Mind by ich1
Epic !
Thu, Oct 19 3:07 PM RizkeyG review of Keep On Fighting [Urban Mix] by Jihfa
Silky Smooth
Thu, Oct 19 10:59 AM RizkeyG review of Soundgrounder Remix, Are You Scared Yet by Soundgrounder
Concept is there... my only creative input would be is to recommend watching y...
Wed, Oct 18 3:24 PM RizkeyG review of 3 Acoustic Guitars by Aussens@iter
Wed, Oct 18 5:31 AM RizkeyG review of Plan 9 from Outer Space by texasradiofish
very clever ... :-D
Tue, Oct 17 6:12 AM RizkeyG review of Key of Love by Briareus
organic mix
Sun, Oct 15 2:41 PM RizkeyG review of Funk It: How It Is by Aussens@iter
Pimpin !
Sun, Oct 15 5:36 AM RizkeyG review of Rails by kris_and_his_starpilots