Time of Terror Remix Event

Reviews left by RizKeyG

Sun, Oct 25 2:03 PM RizKeyG review of Predator & Prey by texasradiofish
Sun, Oct 25 2:01 PM RizKeyG review of Ccmixter Graveyard by septahelix
nicely crafted
Mon, Oct 19 12:34 PM RizKeyG review of Howl e'en by Speck
its like a new band ... Gary Numan and The Asylum Army !
Mon, Oct 19 12:31 PM RizKeyG review of Gloom and Doom by Kara Square
I love the processing on your vox !
Mon, Oct 5 5:07 AM RizKeyG review of Remembrance by Darkroom
When you consider all the source elements .. i have to admire the skill of how y...
Mon, Oct 5 5:03 AM RizKeyG review of Brown and Gold (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
I like this
Fri, Oct 2 1:56 AM RizKeyG review of AU2OMATIC $UPASTAR by Tomas PhUsIoN
THE Automatic Superstar... (ALSO) The ideology we subliminally perceive in o...
Thu, Oct 1 3:49 AM RizKeyG review of Venom by apophysia
I love the digital harp pluckin ! Border line Miami Vice Jan Hammer.
Wed, Sep 30 3:42 AM RizKeyG review of Pay Attention by Kevin Wielock
Your supporting backing track is overflowing with " Juice "
Wed, Sep 30 3:34 AM RizKeyG review of Coffee & Lullabies by raja_ffm
Fri, Sep 18 2:39 PM RizKeyG review of Supersonic Whispers by Zep Hurme
I like it !
Mon, Sep 14 3:35 PM RizKeyG review of Sector 8 by Blake
1 minute in...its launch into the stratosphere
Mon, Sep 14 3:14 PM RizKeyG review of John Lewis' Dream by Radioontheshelf
For a second... i thought this was a David Bowie unreleased vault track !?!
Mon, Sep 14 2:27 PM RizKeyG review of Freedom by bangcorrupt
Reminds me of when i used to play Wipeout 2097 .. ( Photek )
Sun, Sep 13 4:56 AM RizKeyG review of adrift by airtone
Seems a lot of others are going down the mood music route recently in this place...