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Reviews left by RizKeyG

Sun, Feb 14 3:58 AM RizKeyG review of 23:55 on the Disco Doomsday Clock by ScOmBer
I like this
Mon, Jan 25 10:34 AM RizKeyG review of Welcome Home by Anchor
I have remixed you a long time ago but the vocal stem has been deleted ... this ...
Sat, Jan 16 5:13 AM RizKeyG review of Side-Step by raja_ffm
Slammin Groove Got my head noddin
Wed, Jan 13 1:32 PM RizKeyG review of Stars Aren't Suns by septahelix
Intricate crafting... i like it
Wed, Jan 13 1:29 PM RizKeyG review of Graf Dracula by Stefan Kartenberg
Superb !
Tue, Jan 12 2:37 PM RizKeyG review of Gasoline (Valium Mix) by Future Boy
Sit back ..crack open a beer and stare into the distance ... great vibe happenin...
Tue, Jan 12 12:37 AM RizKeyG review of Digital Glue by Apoxode
You are a sample Alchemist
Sun, Jan 10 3:57 AM RizKeyG review of Severed Roots by Kraftamt
Fantastic synth melody emerging through this
Sat, Jan 9 10:23 AM RizKeyG review of Death is Lurking by J.Lang
Ambient If you havent already? Have you looked into Sync Licensing your ...
Sat, Jan 9 8:34 AM RizKeyG review of Sooner Or Later (Acappella) by Trifonic
Sometimes a quality lyric performance goes under my radar on this site ... and...
Sat, Jan 9 8:30 AM RizKeyG review of Dance in the Rain (dotjotdisco remix) by dotjot
Sitting on your drive since 2011 ! Well it seems worth the wait
Sat, Jan 9 2:38 AM RizKeyG review of Celestial Saute by Apoxode
this would be perfect for adding a narrative over the top in a " Dick Spanner " ...
Fri, Jan 8 9:42 AM RizKeyG review of Starry Night by Siobhan Dakay
Giving it some energy and a full body ... i like it
Mon, Jan 4 1:57 AM RizKeyG review of No Meaning No by Chuck D. feat Fine Arts Militia
Nice one from Chuck D and the Militia ..back in 2004 ! ( thats right ..Mista...
Mon, Jan 4 1:55 AM RizKeyG review of What U Mean No? by fourstones
To find out how this site has evolved ... a time travel back to the year of 2004...